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Crab of lake of Liangzi of unified brand tie up sale is consistent external
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Make trade mark of ” of “ Liang Zi in all, unified “ is worn outfit ” , rise this year, the crab of Liang Zihu great river that packs anew, declare opens high-end line, with so-called “ the crab of in relief settleclear lake of ” of the first crab PK.

   9 into Liang Zihu crab embraces a group

” of crab of great river of “ Liang Zihu is afterwards this world after settleclear lake crab, product of crab of the 2nd country of origin. Before 2004, liang Zihu crab sells 30 yuan to go to 40 yuan a kilogram only. Last year, crab of 3 double bulk Liang Zihu, achieve every kilograms 160 yuan of good value to 180 yuan. However, last year, only a crab of 3 double in relief settleclear lake, can sell 180 yuan.
Where is difference after all? The brand is too much, lack is packed is the crux of the problem, this year May, river summer area whole area enterprise of more than 10 aquatic product has recombining, establish limited company of group of Wuhan city Liang Zihu aquatic product.
Tu Yaping of deputy warden of river summer area says, after conformity, crab of 90% above Liang Zihu group of out aquatic product, this means the 9 Liang Zihu crab that become above to will unite brand of dozen of ” of “ Liang Zi, unified pack and unite a sale.

   Engage in a battle of front of two ground crab

Yesterday, on Cultural Festival of crab of the 4th Wuhan, the reporter sees, the Liang Zihu crab that the spot displays, show 5 flowers uniformly to tie record greatly, every deserve to have the unified sign that prevent bogus on crab body only.
Lake of hillside of aquatic product group breeds factory controller to tell a reporter, because of fame of Liang Zihu crab gradually tall, already won market height to approbate, so this year, liang Zihu had capital to classification crab first, theory sell only. Among them, fancy crab price is top, norms is mother crab commonly 300 grams, the price 150 yuan; Fair crab 350 grams, sell 80 yuan.
Crab of another name for Hubei province develops the market actively, revive crab also unwillings to lag behind. When chrysanthemum yellow crab is fat, one after another of brand shop of crab of in relief settleclear lake is in Jiangchen practice. Reporter discovery, here most expensive fair crab 5 two weigh partly, sale price 288 yuan.
Yesterday, aquatic product group and in the retail place such as 100 storage, small blue whale signed 1300 tons, production value 120 million yuan order, grew than last year respectively 30% with 70% .
Cheng Jun says 100 group vise general manager in, what crab of settleclear lake of Jiangsu this world accepts numerous fixed position is high-end consumer, 20% what hold whole supermarket sale. From the point of market sale status, the citizen is bought more it is Liang Zihu crab.

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