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Another caustic enrols canal of needle of the faker that do not have fine to smo
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These two days, continuously Yangzhou citizen is mirrorred to reporter of Yangzhou evening paper, the fair crab crab that they buy creams particularly little, suspicion has undesirable faker to was in charge of privately to smoke partial crab to cream with the needle before sell.
19 days morning, ms. Chen is in the new residential quarter that consider a place of business the driveway market near the village, bought 3 jins with 20 yuan of a jin prices big fair crab. That day when noon edible, she discovers crab crab creams particularly little, the place that assemble crab creams resembles been suck same, the ” with intermediate “ empty sky. “ at this moment fair crab is oily not so should little, it is faker used underhand method for certain. ” morrow in the morning, when Ms. Chen buys food, see a middleaged woman and crab peddle brawl, criticise “ of the other side smoked crab to cream with needle canal ” . So this woman also bought crab, also discover crab oil is particularly little when edible, look for the other side to denounce a view then. She reachs the understanding in surrounding view citizen mouth to arrive from this woman, a little mean now faker earns money for how, before selling crab the canal that use a needle smoked crab to cream.
Yangzhou city disappear assist a severe surname the staff member expresses, they also hear the argument that undesirable faker smokes crab to cream with needle canal illicit, but it is difficult to obtain evidence, they are checked very hard solid. City produce detects the center expresses about the expert, this center did not discover this kind of circumstance is mixed inform against. Generally speaking, crab is smoked below live system condition the meeting after crab creams dies.
The reporter passes individual relation bring into contact with a crab is managed door, the other side does not surprised: “ really somebody is so dry, very few nevertheless, because such doing,have a risk, meet not only principal is not had return, still can affect sincere letter. ” should manage an introduction, after undesirable pedlar smokes crab to cream with needle canal, before crab dies, meeting low undersell. This kind of case appears in the roadside that does not have fixed management place to spread out mostly.
Be aimed at this one circumstance, yangzhou city disappear assist remind, buy crab to should arrive supermarket or normal food market, must not anxious to get things on the cheap eats to have a deficit greatly.

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