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Qingdao: Swimming crab is lower than in former years this year 3 into
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Yesterday, the reporter understands in dock of market of aquatic product of Qingdao small harbor and sand mouth, because swimming crab price is lower than in former years this year 30% above, carry give sb a present of Qingdao swimming crab to make the first selection of many citizens to the other place, and the research of Qingdao ocean and piscatorial expert more surprise letting a person.

We will put “ this year in June drifting swimming crab, to October the part grew 350 grams left and right sides, a few smaller also have 250 grams. Zhang Yongju of stationmaster of technical advice station of ” city fishery thinks, qingdao swimming crab is rapid grow in quantity, grow accelerate, coastal waters of Qingdao of main profit from formed the food chain with complete swimming crab. Because the whole of water quality is improved, qingdao coastwise alga, shellfish, shrimp is increasingly rich, these are the bait makings of swimming crab. Swimming crab of 6 million end will be put June this year stream, many swimming crab and alga, shellfish, shrimp forms complete food chain, the swimming crab that makes be in food chain top breeds quickly grow, appeared the circumstance with big low this year price of swimming crab volume. Two years ago, the corresponding period 70 yuan - 80 yuan / kilogram swimming crab has 40 only this year multivariate.

Xu Baorong of president of limited company of development of science and technology of aquatic product of flourish of treasure of members of standing committee of Qingdao city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Qingdao experiments for years research Qingdao aquatic product. He tells a reporter, coastwise of two youthful islands is blue recently clam grows very fast, amount of ungual shrimp of shellfish, eagle restores quickly, put drifting swimming crab to be with ungual shrimp of these shellfish, eagle and alga feed, manufacturing growth is very rapid. Zhang Yongju stationmaster also expresses, the complete food chain that wants Qingdao swimming crab only is not destroyed, swimming crab measures the circumstance with big low price to may become normal state.

Crab gave Qingdao is “ largesse ”

Yesterday morning, citizen Guo Yue bought 18 swimming crab in market of small harbor aquatic product, every are only sufficient half jins are weighed, spent 197 yuan of money. He tells a reporter, the friend of Beijing likes the swimming crab of Qingdao particularly, handle affairs to want to take a few to satisfy a craving for delicious food to them to Beijing every time, in former years buys 10 crab to need 400 yuan of money, now just 200 yuan, crab is fatter than in former years, these 18 big crab went to Beijing is a largesse, beautiful money is not much still.

The course of study of market of small harbor aquatic product door Wang Ping says, from this year arrive at the beginning of September now, buy swimming crab to the market of nonlocal give sb a present particularly much, 1/4 what had taken his sales volume.
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