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Bureau of Hubei aquatic product will supervise and direct establish provincial c
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Bureau of Hubei province aquatic product responds to business of the Yangtse River to sign up for uninterrupted report about chief

◆ " to Liang Zi the island buys crab, the attention sees a level more " track

“ we are not to did not serve as, be in hard all the time however. Next, we will supervise and direct establish association of Liang Zihu crab. ” yesterday, when industry of bureau of Hubei province aquatic product grows our newspaper of the response in be in section chief Zhang Han to report continuously, express, the crab guild that if E Zhou, Jiang Xia or Liang Zihu management board can establish an interconnected system,is in charge of, they will allow this association to use name of name of “ Hubei ” , develop in order to promote Liangzi lake crab.  
   Be enslaved to be enslaved to of brand of ” of “ Liang Zihu registers a business 

“ E Zhou and river summer make brand of Liang Zihu crab, all the time a brand that does not circle the past pits. Disclose in ” Zhang Han, brand of ” of “ Liang Zihu is in early on the century is registered by company of grange of Wuhan much happiness, the trademark of ” of “ Liang Zihu that its register covered the 20 many categories such as crab, fish, shrimp. Jiang Xia and field of state of another name for Hubei province want to own this brand all the time, but fail to be reached with this company make over an agreement.  
To solve this problem, bureau of province aquatic product ever called together Jiang Xia, E Zhou and company of much happiness grange to had been coordinated 3 times, “ but now is market economy, cannot use administrative method easily, others needs to transfer cost. ”
In specific charge respect, introduce in Zhang Han, because of brand of these a few years of Liang Zihu famous degree rise, at present classics of brand of ” of “ Liang Zihu is evaluated already value close ten million yuan, two ground government goes not to have this price.  
“ exceeds value of in the future taller, after us more can not afford. Group of aquatic product of Liang Zihu of ” river summer deputy total Zhang Hu first anxiety-ridden also, “ talks because of the price not approach, we just registered trademark of ’ of ‘ Liang Zi, this is helpless choice ” .  
Bureau of Hubei province aquatic product ever also suggested tripartite joint development, but this proposal did not obtain tripartite to approbate. “ wants to make Liang Zihu brand, brand however other of be enslaved to be enslaved to, condition of governmental sink awkwardness. ”

  Hubei investment and Jiangsu have many difference 

Make a brand need to throw necessarily, and I am saved in crab brand make a respect did not create special fund.  
The citing in Zhang Han says, jiangsu investment is huge endowment, undertook large-scale conduct propaganda in TV station, broadcasting station, newspaper. We do not have “ money, can seek concerned director branch only, the hope can take up a political career the support beam on plan child the conduct propaganda of lake crab. ”
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