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Shandong Lai city: Fisherman of swimming crab bumper harvest is added close
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“ autumn wind rises, crab foot fat ” , arrived again what swimming crab of Lai city bay appears on the market is seasonal. Because will undertake large-scale artificial hyperplasia is put for years,flow, shandong saved the swimming crab of Lai state city to obtain a bumper harvest this year.
As we have learned, during Fu Jixiu fishing Lai state city established 3 verrucous swimming crab to plant qualitative resource groove guard, protected the refreshment of swimming crab resource effectively, after fishing crosses Fu Jixiu, resource of fishery of Lai city bay is apparent grow in quantity, especially Lai city the of one swimming crab of 4 seas delicacy, crop increases apparently than in former years.
It is reported, begin from 1994, the maritime and artificial proliferation that Lai state city had the product such as shrimp of car of 3 verrucous swimming crab, jellyfish, Japan successfully is put stream, make the piscatorial resource that ebbing gets complement, lai city hyperplasia is put this year shed swimming crab 18.8 million, promoted a fisherman to add close.

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