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Tens of ton piscine crab " cruel kill " the reason is found out
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Will mix 10 days on September 8 this year, county of yellow plum of countryside of dam of assist of old loose county and Hubei province falls to press down boundary iron bare newly to discharge the two place such as the lake to all produce event of death of a large number of fish, crab (install evening paper newly A8 edition ever reported on September 16, 2008) hind, two counties height takes Anhui Su Song and Hubei yellow plum seriously. The reporter learns from government of old loose county yesterday, through the associated investigation of two counties, the enterprise steals a platoon to put sewage and large area of the plant that hold out water to spread secretly is the chief culprit of dead fish dead crab. How is two counties at present preventing with deal with cross provincial boundaries water area to pollute dispute be related urgent negotiation.

The government comprises accident board of inquiry

Tie Chi discharges a lake to be located in countryside of dam of assist of old loose county and Hubei to save Huang Mei county to leave boundary of new garrison post, the area has more than 10000 mus. Village of lake of annulus of countryside of dam of assist of You Susong county breeds face of this place lake the person such as specialist bark red star begins to contract from 1996, year income has 5589 yuan.

Bark red star tells a reporter, on September 8 at night, the water that discharge a lake was become suddenly ivory, bad smell fumes a person, piscine all writhed rise. Because the accident is abrupt, bark red star reports to the branch such as aquatic product, environmental protection, public security instantly. Ling Susong county is relevant branch only then expect not as good as is: On September 10, county of yellow plum of village of mountain of green jade of assist dam countryside and Hubei province alone hill presses down a bound child the range occurs the lake of base of aquiculture of special type of assist dam countryside of mound village boundary again incident of death of a large number of fish, crab.

After the accident, bureau of aquatic product of old loose county instantly to sit a meeting, established an accident to survey processing working group, take the lead by bureau of prefectural aquatic product, the staff member invites arrangement fishing related politics station bureau of prefectural environmental protection is investigated to field exploring, obtain evidence. Below the condition that eliminates the possibility that send poison, government of old loose county held the special subject meeting of relevant section 3 times, investigation accident circumstance, search accident account.

Piscine crab fastens ” of “ choking death

On September 10, old loose county asks bureau of Anqing city fishery and Anqing city environment to monitor a center to stand especially, to two water pollution accident happening ground undertook water quality sampling detect.

On September 11, two subprefects lead government of old loose county station of countryside of dam of bureau of prefectural aquatic product, environmental protection bureau, assist, fishing politics arrives about the comrade government of county of Hubei yellow plum undertook with respect to this incident the circumstance is reported, negotiate the way that handles an accident. On September 24, personnel of technology of two counties major and handle a case after personnel undertakes analytic hold a conference or consultation to polluting a problem, conclude: Creating the immediate cause that dies into piscine crab is to breed water area dissolved oxygen too low, cause piscine crab choking death.
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