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Big lake river crab obtains Hubei " national geography indicates the product is
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A few days ago, classics country pledges group of expert of check total bureau is evaluated, river crab of Hubei Hong Hu obtains “ country geography formally to indicate the product protects ” , this also meant big lake river crab to take ” of “ international passport, will have market competition ability more. Big lake river crab will be as old as Chong Ming crab of wool crab, Liang Zihu great river side-by-side.
Big lake city is city of the throughout the country's biggest fresh water aquiculture, also be Hubei saves product of exclusive fresh water to standardize demonstrative city, the laky Hong Hu with this city the biggest churchyard is the whole nation lake of the 7th big fresh water, hubei visits the biggest fresh water laky, became groove guard of nature of national level wet land 2006.
Ceng Lingqi of director of aquatic product of big lake city says, geographical mark protection was exit of big lake river crab to lay a foundation, next, they try hard the town that points the first river crab of countrywide.

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