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Army hill lake rinses the history of the crab reachs character trait
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Lake of      army hill is located in Jiangxi province to enter virtuous county north, bank of Po in relief Hunan, be located in east diameter 116 ° 11 ' 15 ″- - 116 ° 33 ' 8 ″ , north latitude 28 ° 09 '- - 28 ° 41 ' , area 320 thousand mus, with Po Yang Hu of one bank lie between. Army hill lake is the branch of a river of a lake of Po Yang Hu formerly, a when independence formed after the fight a flood that built a 4km  artificially 1958 pits greatly laky, inside army hill lake aquatic exuberance of resourceful, aquatic, water quality pure and fresh, climate appropriate, traffic is convenient, it is the good place that produces river crab.

     one, the historical origin of crab of clear water of army hill lake

Lake of      army hill is ancient say " life lake " , according to " enter virtuous county annals " account: Life lake, the county is northeast 20 lis, be in 15, lake of a big source, pool Bei Zhu Shui is collected in have 2 rise, day of Xi Yueyue says east, water dry up is divided for 2, water goes up to close for one, north flows into Po Yang Hu in. Beach of person having rock makes the cloud ' life lake Ming Liang will go out, what stone person beach closes account is unripe ' . Section of article of the easy between bright heart distinguishs young man Number One Scholar, grand intense seals the Fu Zhongyi at the beginning of the country the general answers if really, there are two rises in the lake at that time, the hill is day that say and lunar hill. Here landform strategic place, in guard lake, all through the ages is the ground that military strategist in ancient China contends for surely. Yuan toward evening Zhu Yuanzhang and Chen Youliang contend for the world, yang Hu of big fight Po 18 carry, warship often appears and disappear here, army arms often goes all out in this hill kill, army hill lake from this and get a name, continue to use up to now. In " eaves of extensive region of peace and tranquility writes down " there is such account in one book: "Be in into virtuous north condition, song Shi is only one life lakelet, via Yuan Mingxi cut down, continue as southern area cave in, the waterborne and outspread Cheng Haomiao that life lake discharge enters Po Yang Hu does not have the army hill lake of border " .
Lake of      army hill produces river crab already had 1000 old histories up to now, yuan acting scholastic Yang Zhonghong and model heart machine, avoid in academy of classical learning of army hill lake when chaos, below Ceng Liu: "Light of 5 days of lakes looks not   of be disgusted with, look 5 days to be able to help somebody attain his aim again. Honor of clothes and hat is not had 1000 carry, make friends of morality and justice has hundred years. Beautiful will be seldom Shi Shijin, cheng Yan is difficult again crab is bright. Next year this day swims where, who and chrysanthemum in all lunar Mian " line, mirrorred a poet racily to be opposite heart of army hill lake gallop be charmed, think fondly of is unforgettable with delicate to crab of army hill lake admiration. This is to discover the earliest army hill up to now lake and " crab " concerned historical data.
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