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Ningbo crab stock market prices are low enough to extend their working time memb
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These days, markets Yongcheng white crab, blue crab, stone crab, crabs, "Wang-fat" varieties of small size the price down again and again, Yongcheng the public to extend their good time to release the stomach.

Yesterday, the reporters in the high-Tong, Hua Yan, cranes and many other farms to see, a wide variety of crab market is very lively, abundant supply, and many buy fish at a stall, the big selling hybrid crab, small head "Little Mother crab "crab, stone crab, affordable," Little Mother crab "per 500 grams of the original 10 yuan minimum fell from 6 yuan, 10 yuan per 500 grams of crabs also abound. Original price is very strong price Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs was loose, some of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs average retail price decreased by 10% or more before the National Day.

In recent days, Jiangdong crab aquaculture adequate supply wholesale market yesterday, the market traded more than 350 tons of fish, crabs account for a lot of proportion.

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