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Xinjiang Fuhai crab crawl on the table of Shanghai
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"Come, come, look ah, Xinjiang organic crabs, 30 yuan a yellow fat full cream, light sweet meat." October 23, in the Xinjiang famous special and intensive processing of agricultural products at the show Shanghai, Xinjiang Fuhai County Fuhai limited liability company manager Zhao Jitao Aquatic cried out to the people of Shanghai came to watch the yelling. "Xinjiang produces crab?" To hear people calling out of curiosity surrounding Shanghai come, and soon the booth was packed. "The crab is placed where you raised?" "How much is one?" "And the Yangcheng Lake, Taihu Lake crabs there than you?" ... ... A barrage of questions to be raised. Zhao Jitao side answered questions from the people of Shanghai, the side to show them the products from the Nanjing National Organic Certification Center of the organic product certification. "Fuhai organic crabs in cold water power produced in Xinjiang, Kyrgyzstan Lake, is the artificial Fangmiao natural grown crabs. As Jili water surface more than 180 square kilometers, water quality, animal and plant food rich, very suitable for the growth of hairy crabs, the output crabs with green back, white belly, robust, resistant to live and so on. "Zhao Jitao professional introduction, so well aware of the people of Shanghai crabs out of the thumb, but they have money to buy. At present, Xinjiang Agricultural sought after in the country is still the traditional raisins, dates and other fresh and dried fruit, and like crabs this so-called "popular" products in the domestic market is still unknown. In recent years, autonomous regions and vigorously implement the market development strategy, the brand-building strategy, promoting the industrialization of agriculture in our region to upgrade and product diversity. Zhaoji Tao said that this exhibition, they brought a total of 80 kilograms of crab samples, not the main purpose of sales, mainly through agricultural exhibition platform to aim at the Greater Shanghai and the surrounding East China, the Yangtze River Delta region of the vast market, the establishment of a high-end consumer platform, so the organic fish and crabs in Xinjiang to build the brand.
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