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Tenth China Lake Crab Festival Gaochun solid hot market transactions
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Gaochun further increase this year of solid crab Lake City, "China Famous Brand" brand promotion, management and marketing efforts. Pine Lake Aquatic Jiangsu solid professional cooperative association official said, the crab festival bigger and more solid brand name Lake Crab louder, sales and more widely. Crab Festival today, the Associated Press sent to the direct point of crabs over 5000 kg, the first export of 1,000 kg of crab. It is responsible for the crabs Sinotrans Logistics blind person in charge of agricultural products, on the basis of last year, this year sold to Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Panjin and other crabs in the northern market doubled last year. As climate this year, delayed maturity crab, crab-volume can not keep up, plus the cost of increased farming, crab prices. Fisheries Market Information Center, according to county statistics, crab market, the opening day trading volume 280,000 kg. Crab price, 3 two of the female crabs 124 yuan per 500 grams, 3.5 ounces of female crabs 150, 4 two of the female crabs 200; 3.5 Two public 70 per crab, 4 two of the male crab 110, 4.5 taels Male crabs 145 yuan, respectively increased by 30% over the same period last year.
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