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二○一 ○ Dangtu Shijiu Anhui China Lake Crab Festival
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Cheng Wen announced the opening weeks of spring for the chapter should address the public attended Jinlin Chun Fall season, Juxiang Crab. September 28, National Day is approaching, the 2010 'China's Anhui Dangtu Shijiu Lake Crab Festival in Dangtu County Stadium opened. Party secretary Zheng, writing, Mayor Zhou spring, the provincial Department of Culture Minister Yang Guo, provincial party secretary Wang group, party secretary Zhuangbao Bin Literary Federation, the provincial credit union main Renchen Peng, Chairman of Municipal Political Consultative Conference chapter should be public, city deputy party secretary of the Standing Committee , deputy director of Jinlin Chun, Municipal Committee, United Front Work Department Mao Changjiang, Municipal Committee, Party Secretary-General Fang Xiaoli, WONG Yuet Ming, deputy director of Municipal People's Congress, the Secretary-General Wei Zhengping government attended the opening ceremony with great interest. Cheng Wen announced for the "2010 'China's Anhui Dangtu Shijiu Lake Crab Festival" opening. Weeks of rain on behalf of the municipal government of this crab to hold a grand festival warm congratulations. In his speech, pointed out that in recent years, Dangtu County adhere to the large investment, large investment, construction, urban and rural areas, the project construction, investment work fast forward, city image, social development, people's living standards improved significantly, showing economic and social development momentum. Especially for the media Dangtu to crab, crab festival held each year, has become Dang opening up an important platform for attracting investment into the development of agriculture, to promote effective way to increase income of farmers. I believe the crab Festival, to further promote foreign exchanges and economic development Dangtu, to enhance the visibility and reputation Dangtu, will have an important role in promoting. Weeks of rain to the section Dangtu hope for an opportunity to increase outreach efforts to effect amplification section will expand the market impact, trying to become a nationally known Dangtu Shijiu Lake crabs feature known brands. Actively develop modern agriculture, aquaculture QUICKER further and excellent article, bigger and stronger crab industry, to promote transformation and upgrading of traditional agriculture. Seize the Little City with a demonstration area of opportunity for industry transfer to an important carrier section will strengthen and frank exchange of new and old customers to promote large projects, good projects, the co-operation to seek more updates, new efforts to promote tu a great development by leaps and bounds, for the Ma On Shan walk in the Province, early completion of the modern city to make new and greater contributions! The opening ceremony, members of provincial Party Committee on Agriculture, Chief Agronomist Zhaoying Nan as the new "king crab, crab after the" award winning week for the people. Also attended the opening ceremony of several major groups Dangtu person in charge of the city and outside guests so good. After the opening ceremony was also held large-scale theatrical performances. Another hearing in 2010, 'China's Anhui Dangtu Shijiu Lake Crab Festival, the county also held forums to undertake the transfer of industries, the four groups of experts for the county, the township and counties as well as department heads and key business executives to speed up industries to relocate and the "second five" planning for the explanation. In addition, the crab festival, the county units and the introduction of each project bearing unit also actively promote the trade talks, has achieved fruitful results. Agreement on a total of 15 projects, 3.5 billion financing agreement, contracted foreign investment 173 million. In yesterday's signing ceremony, Shenzhen Kang Daer (Group) Co., Ltd. invested 2.5 billion yuan in the development of eco-tourism Bai Town, United Kingdom Leone Business Investment Co., Ltd. Danyang investment 85 million U.S. dollars in the development of blueberry cultivation and processing base in the town, Guinness Group invested U.S. $ 80,000,000 in the town of Bo Wang Bo Wang Trade City development project site signed the 6, 2.8 billion financing agreement, contracted foreign investment 173 million.
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