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Modern forest town "Autumn crab festival" staged attention
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November 13 pm and a half, the modern forest town (Owners Forum), "crab meet unexpectedly," the first neighborhood center of a grand cultural festival staged in marketing. Less than two in the afternoon the same day, the scene has been in the sixties and seventies of owners can not wait to start the waiting activity. Skilled bundle crab - I was the best "catch hand" It is understood that the organizers of Modern Urban Construction Group so that everyone can learn how to correctly pick crabs, edible crabs, invited the modern forest town of five-star international club's chief cooks crabs to tell you some of the relevant culture, "fine option crab to five visits, "high-quality crab" green shell white belly, yellow hair claw, "and so on, pro experience from the field, so that owners of crab on a large class fun. Crab-eating world, ready to start eating! Meanwhile, a variety of interactive activities, it is fun to the scene of the customers will occur. Handy links trapped crabs, several participants crab claws while the folder to watch people, one must pay close attention to bundled rate quoted scenes rush site customer laughing. The crabs have to guess the weight of links, it is the scene of the mother-level customers to show its mettle, no less weight to the scene watching all praise; the last part of crab-eating world, is the site of the atmosphere into the activities of another climax, with the tempting aroma of the chef brought out the crab began, all participants eager to laughter in the final event in a painting a perfect finish. Guess the weight was crab - "I almost got it right" The colorful crab festival, the owners shared their crab feast at the table of neighborhood family. The modern town of the late forest characteristics through continuous human activities to create a comfortable community environment, dedicated to the hard environment and soft environment to create the synchronization. In addition, the modern forest town "50-100 square meters of pure board 'first home new' about the opening, sincerity is hot in the registration! Complete set, Seiko quality, accessible transportation, enjoy one-stop quality of life.
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