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Crabs found the "secret"
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Today, I love the crab in the water to help, we found crab pots very muddy, so intend to change the water. At this time, I found a strange phenomenon. Precipitation of mud inside the pelvic floor has an obvious flow, against the backdrop of the surrounding mud visible. Wonder where this water come from? Could that be a breath blowing out the crab? But back to a thought, breathing a breath, do not smoke should not call Caidui Yeah. In order to clarify this matter, I use a clothespin clamped crab two "big pliers," pondered them. I first observed crabs mouth, and saw it had been spit bubbles, they look for crabs along the bubble breathing holes found on each side of the mouth of a mung bean crab big holes, bubbles came out of it from the inside! Crab really only outlet not inhale? I am even more strange, it does not meet the basic principles of biological Yes, otherwise how is it get oxygen? I carefully reviewed the crab's mouth, suddenly found a little place where there are two lower-smaller hole, is this the suction hole crab? To prove my guess, I took a small towel placed on the two holes, hey, really suck out. So this is the crab into the hole! It seems that water is really a crab "mischief." Crabs breath and breathing are not the same place where breath was blown out of a natural flow. This brings me to one conclusion: many things in nature can not think of conventional thinking, crabs, the "secret" is a good example. Comments: This can be seen from the small observation of a love, good thoughts of the good student, which is commendable.
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