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Individual high-end liquor turned hard currency pawn dare eat crabs
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Set off the recent round of high-end liquor market price rises, said usually only in real estate, cars, gold, silver and other objects as a pawn pawn, have begun to "recognized" high-end liquor. Realization of high-end liquor can pawn a "hard currency"? Reporter visited found that two pawn shops on the high-end liquor, "nodded the release." Difficult to distinguish the traditional high-end liquor division pawn Reporter visited the city's 13 pawn shops in Guangzhou, there are 11 pawnshops, said there is no white pawn to carry out the business. In which a pawnshop staff revealed that the traditional high-end pawn liquor division can not distinguish between true and false, and the preservation of the difficulty of high-end liquor is the main reason. "Some people took some of the wine before the wine like to pawn, and we refused," he said that, because the traditional pawn division trained only to identify jewelry, cars, silver and gold, the value of the pawn, on alcohol Appreciation does not understand. Some pawn shops said they had never been white pawn, but white wine is food, according to the rules of the pawn industry, "a shelf life of food not in the business of pawn shops within." When the reporter asked to provide proof of purchase or invoice, most pawn shops are not receiving the reply, the pawn business in this area do not want to talk about. Individual pawn the courage to "eat the crab" However, the reporter found in the survey, in particular pawn shops, high-end liquor is indeed "hard currency." Guangzhou Pearl River pawnshop branch staff said they would have done white pawn in this business. But also involves the liquor is worth millions of high-end brand Da-volume liquor, pawn their interest in liquor, "If the client is a corporation, with large quantities of high-end liquor you can consider." But the individual has a small liquor business they do not do. "Because of the specialized investment companies liquor relatively high degree of credibility and integrity", he revealed, the market Wuliangye, Maotai, Fenjiu other high-end brands of liquor can be used as pawn things, provided that large quantities. In addition, customers need to provide liquor brands, production batch number, quantity, storage location and other information. Canton Union Mortgage company staff told reporters, although they have not done white pawn business, but there are some interest. He said they would not identify the pawn division of liquor, wine is generally true and false identification to a professional body to identify. However, while willing to accept, but because of greater risk, the price is certainly more low-pawn "for customers to uneconomical." He also suggested that if the customer holds a rush to cash in high-end liquor, tobacco and alcohol might as well go to the wholesale mark et, "there a personal recovery, the price better than we gave."
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