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Curium along green crab exuviate housing fails disease prevents and cure technol
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     curiums the head cuirass tailing edge along green crab and abdominal boundary already appeared breach, but cannot exuviate goes old shell and the death that causes crab. Of later period often discover into crab this is ill, affect breed aquatics survival rate severely, the loss is very big.

     its pathogeny may concern with the following element: ① is anoxic. Curium predestined relationship blueness breathes when crab exuviate carapace very hurried, need particularly much oxygen, expedite place flows in water, every time exuviate carapace needs 10 ~ 15 minutes only. And in dead water low oxygen or the requirement that meet alarm, strong stimulation fall, can extend exuviate carapace time, exuviate carapace fails and die even; ② lacks calcium the element of qualitative, carapace, exuviate carapace element material that curiums along carapace of green crab exuviate place needs; ③ curiums difference of constitution of predestined relationship green crab, time leaving water is too long with water lukewarm etc unsuited. The discovery in practice, curium longerly with time leaving water in drought in predestined relationship green crab, those who discover this defect is more, this may be old moisture dries up between housing and new system, cause the cause that sticks repeatedly; Salinity of ④ pool water is tall, the quantity that change water is little, long not exuviate carapace, and it is difficult to cause exuviate case.

Method of      prevention and cure

     tries to adjust in crab pool optimum salinity, increase the amount that change water, maintain water quality fresh with oxygen enough; Put in a few lime; The material that contains calcium to be abounded character is added in bait makings, cast more feed small-scale test animal and shellfish, curium to preventing and cure along carapace of green crab exuviate fail has favorable effect.


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