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Curium the China darts flea along green crab kills technology of prevention and
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     is born according to Laiqing (1990) report, the pool is bred in the young in, the oar such as China darts flea is sufficient kind be in appropriate in the condition of advantageous water annulus that its grow mushroom breed, form an advantage to plant group, with curium the 溞 shape the young along green crab contends for bait makings, argue the oxygen, put oneself in another's position that contend for water, disturbed the young is quiet. Always the oar such as China darts flea is sufficient kind in a certain in breeding a pool, prevail, criterion the young is bred to 溞 shape the young the 3rd period very difficult.

Method of      prevention and cure

Complete Qing Chi wants to disinfect before      grow seedlings, filter strictly the 6 limb the young that grow seedlings prevents flea of China fish glue with water and egg bursa belt enter grow seedlings pool.

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