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Curium mycosis of phase of grow seedlings of predestined relationship green crab
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    1. Mycosis

     curiums the mould that is waited to belong to by catenary crock bacterium encroachs the 溞 shape the young along green crab and the young of large small hole. The move about spore of mould is adherent go up in the young, dormancy after period of time, to unripe bud setting out is in charge of inside the young. Gemmiparous canal expand, development becomes new bacterium filiform, hypha body is mushroom inside the young, cover the young whole body immediately. Can see in the young middling of death tree shape is ramose clearly hypha. The body of catenary crock mycelial that also sees maturity is born to discharge a canal long and thinly, outside extending host system, its extreme expand is globose top bursa.

Method of      prevention and cure
     maintains water quality cleanness, disinfect strictly with water. Fluorine happy spirit can be used when contracting this disease 0.03 ~ 0.05 milligram / rise cure.

    2. Filiform bacterium is ill

This      disease is by the Bai Si that send form bacterium affects be caused by. Common at curiuming the 溞 shape the young along green crab, the young of large small hole also has discovery. Suffer the young of infection, mobile ability is abate, sink to cause death into benthic.

Method of      prevention and cure
The happening of      this disease and water quality are concerned muddily. In the water with organic overmuch matter send this disease easily. Accordingly, using clean briny grow seedlings to undertake be alexipharmiced strictly to seawater is the essential and effective method that prevents this disease.


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