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Curium the nurturance technology along green crab
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     one. The choice of field

Storm of the bay inside      choice is not great coastal, in near current line. Current difference is big, facilitating irrigation and drainage. Briny proportion is between 1.005-1.020, specific gravity exceeds 1.015 to want to fresh water fountainhead adjusts at will specific gravity. Pond bottom is beautiful with Sha Ni character. Water PH is worth with 7.5-8.8 advisable, breed pool area small person 3-5 mu, big person 30-50 mu even 100 mus. Depth of water 1.5 meters of above. Edge bank circular groove had better be dug in pool of 30 mus of above, channel is 3 meters or so wide, rice of channel deep 2-2.5. Had better set each one into catchment brake.

     2. Qing Chi is disinfected

The nurturance of      green crab, can raise both parties in a law suit one year, build early with 4-6 month, build 8-10 month late to be fill period.
After a month discharges dry Chi Shui, clear silt is divided miscellaneous, dry a pool 15 days or so, 25-50 is applied during kilogram calx every mus, immerse. Cast Miao Qian to change water 2 times, be worth stability to put crab on the seedling in the ability when 7.8-8.6 when Chi Shui PH.

     3. Of crab seedling put in a suitable place to breed

    1. With capturing artificially natural crab seedling gives priority to supply nurturance now. Kind the seedling chooses weight 30 grams above, the constitution is hale, carapace shows viridescence scene, life force is powerful, the condition is sufficient break off not to exceed 2, chela is sufficient break off not to exceed 1.
    2. Put in a suitable place to breed density, the process is raised in sheet in, the norms that had better plant according to the seedling, mix thin crab, beautiful crab respectively male crab puts one pool each, so that manage. But also can be in in breeding a process annulus catch annulus put, catch leave small annual to undertake breed aquatics greatly. Kind of the seedling put in a suitable place to breed the quantity masters level of management neatly according to capital. General mu put in a suitable place to breed kind of seedling (30-50 is overcome / ) 1000-1500. If depth of water is average 1.5 meters of above, the condition that change water is good, bait stuff is enough, mu can put in a suitable place to breed 3000.
     green crab can look with block respectively prawn of section of fish, mullet fish, spot, Jiang Li a kind or 2-3 is planted mix raise. In Guangdong time Yu new cultivate presses down pool of 30 thousand mus of aquiculture, it is with blueness crab and spot section prawn are mixed raise give priority to. Give priority to spot section prawn to be with green crab complementary, green crab is planted seedling mu put 500 or so, seedling of spot section prawn mu put 3000 end left and right sides. If give priority to green crab with spot section prawn,be complementary, mu 8000 end control young plant of prawn of the section that put spot, collocation controls green crab 100 times to plant seedling. Shrimp crab is mixed raising is to put in a suitable place to breed first normally shrimp seedling a lunar hind or shrimp body length 5 centimeters hind, put crab on the seedling again. This ability makes sure shrimp young grows in stable environment adequately, lest of green crab disturbed even incomplete is fed.
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