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Curium along green crab grow seedlings level gets together shrink technology of
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     gets together shrink the infusorian that bug belongs to protozoan, bug body front submits dish of form, have ciliary to surround a belt to show a counterclockwise around to afterbirth mouth, body back end has one handle to adhere to curiuming the young of the egg along green crab and 溞 shape the young, large small hole reachs young crab to go up, form a group, once get,exciting and whole group contracts jointly with the pace. In water lukewarm 13 ‰ control salinity of 20 ℃ of 18 ~ , seawater, get together shrink bug is curiuming the meeting on body of the young of predestined relationship green crab breeds in great quantities, double what serious Shi Kechao spends the young bulk, make the young floats at surface to appear white garrulous state. Get together shrink of bug adherent, not only increased the young burden, and still affected growth of the young cost off a skin, serious person can make the young dies.

Method of      prevention and cure

     maintains water quality cleanness, the disinfection before the hatch that undertakes bittern bug egg and when the crab that hatch egg enters a pool, also be being disinfected with medicaments is the effective method that prevents this disease to happen. Once the young produces this disease, should adopt change water more, cast feed makings of high grade bait, water lukewarm control is controlled in 30 ℃ , make the young cost off a skin, it is the method of effective. In addition, still can be in water is warm when 25 ℃ of 23 ~ , with the Xin Jie of 5 % Er destroys former fluid dilute is the medical fluid of 0.067 % , wash the young dip 30 ~ 40 minutes, can kill body of major the young to go up get together shrink bug; Also can use 0.05 % ~ the young of bath of dip of 0.125 % formaldehyde 2 hours; Or with 20 milliliter / the douse of formaldehyde fluid total pool of stere water, but undertake in 1 day of a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces water system is exchanged, remove the rest formaldehyde.

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