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How to mix the crab that raise blueness to raise economic benefits
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In last few years, green crab sheet raises a type to already did not see more, the person that surround the crab that raise blueness in the belt between tide especially is much breed is mixed raise, mix raise a kind more complex, its fundamental is raise other economy sort through be being mixed appropriately, can rise purify a bottom to pledge, form and hold the appropriate biology construction inside the pool, create an appropriate Yu Qing crab and mix raise the zoology environment that breed lives jointly and grows, mix at present raise breed to have fish, shrimp, shellfish, alga more than kinds 10.

(1) crustacean: If forehead of prawn of section of prawn of Chinese prawn, wool of long-term hired hand, spot, knife is new,prawn is mixed inside the pool from numerous backbone end the breed such as white shrimp. The seedling of after putting in a suitable place to breed norms asks classics of short duration is raised 3 centimeters of above of shrimp seedling, the quantity that put a young plant is in commonly 1000-2000 end / or so mus, grow rate is rapidder than shrimp poll is being taken on tide, water is warm appropriate when, put a young plant can begin to rise after a month catch.

(2) fish: Main breed has: Mullet, barracuda, black porgy, mudskipper, organic material is the agglomerate inside the pool the good bait makings of these fish, put seedling quantity to be in commonly 20~500 end / mu differ.

(3) shellfish: Basically be to mix raise shellfish of sex of dwell of a few bottoms, be like blood clam of hanging razor clam, mud, wool blood clam, Philippine clam child, green clam; If mix,raise hanging razor clam to be exemple, area of besmear of the beach that put a young plant is in with mastering of pond area 20% the following and advisable, face of the besmear that raise shellfish wants have holidays by turns every year, the classics of central beach face that chooses evenness breaks up greatly, the young plant can be put after level off, face of every mus of besmear puts seedling quantity to be in 30-50 kilogram is advisable.

(4) alga: The green crab of Taiwan and river Li (Taiwan weighs asparagus) mix raise more general. Mix raise right amount alga, can absorb use up water system to dissolve in great quantities organic qualitative, can increase the dissolved oxygen of water system, more those who be helpful for crab of the blueness inside the pool and other economy animal grow.

Mix raise the matter that should notice

(1) mix raised density to should not be exorbitant, breed is unfavorable and overmuch, answer to be given priority to in order to breed green crab, day-to-day management method also undertakes by the method that breeds green crab, if mix,raise other breed too miscellaneous with exorbitant density, became a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role and affect the growth of green crab.

(2) the choice is mixed the foundation wants when raising breed pond condition, pledge conditional type is to accord with the perch that breeds variety by the pool especially, if go beyond the year breeds breed to cannot be taken, especially fish breed, cannot surrounding commonly raise the live through the winter inside the pool. The casualties that undertakes moving raising will be very big, can be to raise the norms that put a young plant only, accord with in what the person that catch can rise before microtherm comes mix raise a requirement.
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