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Green crab casts bait quantity how to should be controlled
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Send the measure of bait, should according to water the mobile circumstance of lukewarm, tide, water quality and green crab masters neatly. Green crab is in water is warm photograph when 15 ℃ above feed exuberant, reach highest peak to 25 ℃ ; Water is warm under 13 ℃ or prep above 30 ℃ , photograph appetite to decrease apparently. Zhejiang is coastal 5-6 month and 9-10 month water are warm appropriate, green crab is photographed feed increase, answer to cast bait more; Lukewarm on the high side of 7-8 month water, mix before May water is warm after October on the low side, green crab is photographed feed abate, answer to cast bait less.   

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