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Crab of marine and high grade blueness and breed a method
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Green crab, because of its back shows viridescence scene and get a name, again because of predestined relationship of the side before its each side ages 9, its appearance very resemble toothed, so formal name makes curium predestined relationship green crab, alias crab, the dwell that it is a bottom is crustacean animal. The minor details of this kind of crab is full to the pace show certificate of merit, be good at swimming, also can control crawl in land, leave water can vivid many days, natural crab is fond of perch in the shallow sea with warmth and inferior salinity. It is a kind of large crab is planted, there is more resource in Guangdong foreland, and breed of hatch of labour of green crab Miao Ren already also scored a success, breed to develop energetically created a condition.

     one, the economy of green crab and nutrient value

    1. Economic value is very high
Its flesh is qualitative delicate, flavour is delicious, crab creams particularly pleasant fat, and nutrition is rich. According to the analysis, flesh of crab of every 100 grams contains protein 1 kilogram, adipose 2 kilogram, still contain carbohydrate, calcic, phosphor, iron and vitamin, riboflavin and Nick a variety of nutrition composition such as acid. Happiness of its flesh tender flavour eats, feed a law to have steam, curium mend with cramps is fried, broken, boil, braise, it is banquet rare cate.
2. It is better to have officinal with dietotherapy value
Green crab has clear heat, nourishing, detumescence, raise the effect such as muscle, can treat a variety of diseases such as inadequacy of juice of body empty oedema, stomach trouble, grandma and injuries from falls, consequently frequency accepts global consumer favour, in our country or the rare crab that breed with fresh water eponymous two big high grade crab are planted one of. All along value is so better, the crab that it is exit HongKong and Macow and southeast Asia and other places plants together with, progress is consequently black crab breed aquatics has already can be and foreground is valued.

     2, the environmental choice of green crab and biologic character

    1. Environmental choice
Green crab is natural crab plants maritime space formerly, but it has adaptability strong, feeding habits is miscellaneous, grow fast, and can undertake breed aquatics artificially waiting for a characteristic again, very not strict also to environmental requirement, grow aptly ℃ of 15~30 of water Wen Wei, ℃ of 18~25 of Wen Wei of the most comfortable water, water Wen Jiang stops to photograph to 5 ℃ feed, crab body hides in mud; And its optimum salinity 13.7 ‰ , often hit hole live in caves under 7 ‰ , in order to overshoot undesirable environment. Slimy much sand facilitates green crab builds burrow character by little mixture, comfortable Yu Jiqi ceases the life.

2. Biology learns a gender
Green crab feeding habits is wide and miscellaneous, feed origin is rich, shrimp of fish of general low cost small shellfish, small impurities (ice is little) , strange creature body and a few alga and formula feed all can make bait makings cast hello, when breeding, should notice to send sufficient bait material. In addition, green crab sex is mature, when having copulate capacity, escape ability increases, reason raises crab pond to should be added set block, Zhu Bo to wait prevent escape establishment, go bankrupt in order to protect.
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