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Curium along blueness crab nurturance manages a technology
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(one) send the material that feed bait

     casts bait is one of important steps that obtain green crab yield, master sound feed technology according to the life feeding habits of green crab, ability develops a beach effectively besmear purse net raises the advantage of crab. Of green crab feed makings should make full use of the breed of natural bait makings inside the pool or enter the bait makings live thing inside the pool through mesh. Green crab is given priority to with carnivorous sex, happy event feed shellfish and small-sized crustacean, can cast the low cost shellfish such as blue clam of the body that feed work, short tine clam, duck mouth clam, the growth that besmear of a few beaches is shellfish of a few low costs first formerly is progenitive area, should try to protect and be used, return at the same time but a few more immigrant annelidan (like Nereid) reach small-sized bottom dwell is crustacean, from numerous ability strong, green crab is fond of again feed, these are green crab stuff of good live body bait. Additional, the shellfish that shrimp of small impurities fish and fresh water plant (like spiral shell) , cooperate bait makings to wait artificially can serve as the complement when be short of bait.
     goes out according to night of hot season of green crab day forage characteristics, cast artificially hello had better undertake in the dusk. Cast feed a quantity to want to inspect the nature inside seasonal, tide, water quality and pool bait makings case will master, generally speaking sea area water is warm appropriate (18-25 ° C) when during reaching spring tide high water, can increase cast feed a volume, the 5 % that can press gross weight of the crab inside the pool - 10 % are cast hello, rainy season is reached in neap flood answer when climate is unusual a few casting hello. The place that cast bait should be sowed equably in edge beach remove. Cast what green crab should check after feeding to photograph feed a circumstance, send existing remnant bait to should suspend casting the following day hello, prove a cause.

     (2) water quality management.

Seawater of flood season of      spring tide can be natural pass in and out, physical ability of the water inside the pool gets sufficient trade, problem of nonexistent water quality, in eve of urine tide arrival, the ooze that checks repair earth-filled dam is slack, add tall Cheng of mouth of tall excessive water, harbour full water level, maintain water level to be controlled in on beach face 0.5 meters commonly, when receiving big torrential rain, dam allowing spill spills over superstratum fresh water, briny salinity drops suddenly and send green crab to come on in case.

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