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Curium along blueness crab catchs results technology
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The belt between tide surrounds the crab that raise blueness to want timely close catch, adopt annulus catch measure, catch stay greatly small, catch fertilizer to accept thin method, in order to obtain taller economic benefits. September is the copulatory season of green crab, should timely will male crab closes catch, because of male crab classics for many times copulatory hind, the flesh is qualitative angular, reduce the edible value of fleshy crab, appear subsequently large quantities of death phenomena, copulatory the female crab after, make an appointment with classics 30-40 day raise can become cream crab, if hold the post of its to cross ripe meeting to bring about the crab that hatch egg, also can reduce value. Sea area water is additionally warm drop, surround live through the winter of the crab that raise blueness to compare difficulty, also ask timely close catch, average age asks to will harvest crab of the blueness inside the pool before the bottom in October catch end, surround those who raise green crab to close catch a method to have:

(one) lamp illumination is caught.

Like to climb Chi Bian or tidewater characteristics between night according to green crab, usable lamplight illume, scoop up the method since with brail.

(2) Gan Chi hand is caught and make smooth with a rake catch.

Bare-handed feel catching is old and practical crab technology, crab body won't be injured, but the technology that should have adroitness. Make crab smooth with a rake with crab make <> smooth with a raking. Can harvest crab basically clean, when be being saved quite, but crab vulnerability, should take care to be made smooth with a rake gently when the operation. Catch the green crab that have to want to undertake binding, prevent mutual clamp to bite send. Summer should deposit the place in moisture of shady and cool when high temperature, build when the weather is cold on aquatic heat preservation.

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