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The daily examination that curiums predestined relationship green crab breeds
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The key of the success or failure that      beach besmears purse net raises crab is establishment fight storm ability and prevent escape measure and effect. Accordingly, culturist must patrol everyday guard, in every time refluent hind should check earth-filled dam to whether water no ooze or picket of slack, purse net have collapse, purse net has without damaged, discover a problem to answer seasonable rehabilitate, green crab is in nightly activity is frequent, at high tide stimulates the desert that exceed a net easily also, when tidewater excessive dam, green crab circles purse net four have enough to meet need, if purse net has a hole, become ultramarine crab to escape to this, answer right now instantly repair defeats netting. Make green crab dibble escapes easily also when the water quality inside neap flood pool is undesirable additionally, also want bring to sb's attention. The beach besmears purse net raises green crab enemy kill biology to basically murrel of Wu Tang of 鰕 tiger fish, China, Ba pointing to a horse waits, incomplete is fed during carapace of exuviate of Chang Zaiqing crab, be in so during breeding, can be in in flood season of every spring tide refluent hind Gan Chi is caught, cleared enemy kill, but can withhold mullet, barracuda to be inside the pool, be helpful for clearing pool bottom greasy filth and incomplete bait, and can with green crab peaceful coexistence is mixed raise extra yield.


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