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Green crab breeds prevent escape technology
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1. Chi Di all around prevent escape the setting of establishment

Paper of      laid bitumen. Bitumen paper height 33 centimeters, bitumen paper and bank base into 45 ~ 60 degrees of horn tilt upcountry, clay of its bottom embedded 3 ~ 5 centimeters, 30 ~ are apart from every interval 40 centimeters to be clipped with bamboo reinforcement fixed. Additional, usable still red brick or cement are prefab board build by laying bricks or stones is become, yi Ke uses asbestine made of baked clay make it or surround with Zhu Bo bar.

    2. Prevent into floodgate escape the setting of establishment

     installs 2 ~ into floodgate net of brake of line of iron of type of 4 purposes flat, when drinking water, cannot withdraw. In water velocity of flow taller or the pond that did not put shrimp on the seedling, into floodgate Yi Kean installs 8 ~ 20 purposes are cone-shaped force person or net of brake of nylon bolting silk, the net grows 7 ~ 8 meters, open net mouth to drink water. Mix the pond that raises prawn, brake net converts cloth of net of 40 eye bolting silk, and breed early days to must latch net mouth drinks water. Screen frame upper part is add 30 ~ of 40 centimeters of flashboard and bitumen paper make it " factory " model cap lid. After net bag ends into water, use taper must change network of brake of flat type iron wire.

    3. Catchment door is prevented escape the setting of establishment

     catchment door installs 12 eye of a 8 ~ to install network of brake of force person taper (mix raise prawn early days to must use network of 40 eye bolting silk) , the net grows 6 ~ 7 meters, with bamboo the casing that make a circle is maintained inside the net fixed. Mix the pond Yi Ke that raises prawn to use Zhu Bo and net cloth to be surrounded into hemicycle purse net in catchment door inside, at the same time outside side brake chamfer is added install network of brake of line of iron of type of 4 eye flat. Cone-shaped net or upper part of net of iron line brake are added likewise install 30 ~ of 40 centimeters of flashboard and bitumen make it " factory " model cap lid. Must check block of line of brake net, iron, flashboard into catchment around everyday the whole situation that pond of make one's rounds should check bitumen paper, pond radical and gate to wait, discover the problem is handled in time.

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