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The nutrient demand of crab
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One, protein

Protein is all biologic foundation material such as river crab, be opposite with respect to river crab protein demand, the main basis that domestic scholar all regards a design as research according to the composition with crab body protein organization. Xu Xinzhang (1988) raises flea shape the young to make clear with the capsule feed of 20-40 micron, the appropriate amount of feed protein is 45%;1992 year the protein requirement that heavy to individual  0.1-10 gram crab plants undertook study, think crab is planted protein appropriate content is 41.7% . Han Xiaolian (1991) research is old the young it is better for fruit of 5% effectiveness for a given period of time that to the young crude protein measures crab period. Chen Li live abroad (the protein appropriate demand that 1992) studies to crab is planted is 35%-40% . Point out: The weight of river crab under 55 grams when, protein digestive rate follows gain weight and rise, inside 18-30 ℃ limits, protein digestive rate follows water lukewarm rise and increase, when 34 ℃ , protein digestive rate falls. Liu Xuejun (1990) report, river crab adult breeds in, quantity of early days crude protein should is 41% , later period is in 36% . The researcher of institute of plant of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (1988) points out through experiment of 2 years of productivity, river crab is in protein content 39.78% when grow development is best. Integrated above viewpoint, river crab is to the demand of feed protein between 35%-46% , the demand with the young protein to feed period relatively grow of development in later period wants tall, former for 40%-46% , latter is 35%-40% left and right sides.

River crab is the demand of pair of amino acid essentially to protein demand, protein is comprised by a variety of 20 amino acid, the indispensible and amino acid of river crab is phyletic, think at present as similar as prawn, have revive amino acid 10 kinds. Live abroad  (1994) reports Chen Li, the indispensible and amino acid content that crab plants (%) is: Egg those?.897, different bright ammonia is acerbity 1.29, bright ammonia is acerbity 2.11, xie ammonia is acerbity 1.404, ammonia of essence of life is acerbity 2.4, group ammonia is acerbity 0.63, revive ammonia is acerbity 1.145, egg ammonia is acerbity 0.68, benzene third ammonia is acerbity 1.86.

2, adipose reach fatty acid

Adipose can supply energy and indispensible fatty acid for river crab, still be the deliquescent medium of vitamin of fat dissolve sex. Zhang Bingqun, Liu Xuejun (1990) considers to think, the appropriate content of crude fat of river crab feed is 5.2% , somebody considers to be  8.7% , also somebody thinks content of the crude fat in feed is 6.8% when crab is planted survival rate is top. Zhang Bingqun (1993) and Li Danqiu (1992) is comprised to the not saturated fatty acid in the with the ovary and digestive glands of the crab fatty acid inside crab of natural river crab undertake determining, be informed 1 age and 2 age the not saturated fatty acid of river crab occupies 70%-80% , among them much Xi fatty acid holds higher proportion again. Acid of N-3 much Xi is as high as 21%-28% . 5 Xi acid mixes 20 carbon 22 carbon the content of 6 Xi acid is very much. The prep above of content of saturated fatty acid when young crab becomes crab and the content of odd rare fatty acid apparent under into crab, 4 Xi acid compares the 22 carbon of young crab crab content tower above 2 times much. Chen Li live abroad points out, river crab contains fat quantity to drop along with feed to adipose digestive rate and decrescent.
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