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The flavour of the daily life of a family of crab
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In one's childhood, crab sells very cheap. 7 horn two jins, can buy exit to turn the top class crab of sale in domestic market. Live in Nanjing environs, autumn wind rises suddenly, the crab basket of viridescence of filled up with viridescence in the market, the wheat battlements that ases if to grow newly. Each has the crab inside basket bowl mouth is big, livid carapace, the foot of golden wool. Go up basket one evaporate, big and fleshy sheds oil.

Buy crab in those days, also not be to talk buy only, use careless in bags however, one outfit is a few. The mother is filial female, arrive the season that taste crab, a few careless bag ground go to bag of a few grass the parental home take along sth to sb of Shanghai. That held the careless bag of crab, extensive is worn dark green burnish, from time to time appears from aperture white bubble, so the slimy fishy smell with kind move carries carry secretly all the way Shanghai.

I am small off year discipline, person not as good as the table is high, eat crab however already very precise and penetrating. Besides won't pare the crab carapace, hilum that divide crab, body of crab foot, crab all get rid of is gotten very clean. You Ai has crab foot, one cut two paragraphs, bite go both ends, forcibly whiff, that is sweet the crab foot flesh of pliable but strong of ferry ferry, soft pliable but strong is in the mouth. Also love the taste of ginger vinegar, must add candy. Ginger vinegar, candy and crab flesh, it is perfect match absolutely. Because do not feel gold is expensive, taste unlocked belly, everybody has 3 two share at least, eat, still have in a pot for steaming food, until maintain full. Shanghai neighborhood is advocated share, taste crab every time, grandmother wants a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord the home fills in on the west on two, as if to have only such, oneself ability eats dependably.

Think, that is the gold days that crab tastes in memory. Did not have later, because crab becomes suddenly,that is hoard as a rare commodity, social status all the way whirlwind rises, a few years come unexpectedly hundreds yuan of a jin day price. I also if really do not know crab ingredient a few years, that is when attending a college, impoverished, appetite has surprised, would rather eats the meat, also do not miss the flavor of crab. Have a holiday come home, father buys crab to solve slander to me, also 29, for me one person is enjoyed. Crab becomes so Jingui rises.

Until works, had of all kinds fete, fang Zhiru eats crab today, already ate gave ceremonial feeling to come. On banquet, if many steam a crab together, norms tower above one cut. Have more will eat crab to regard as of the program, some year, I am in magazine company to go vacationing, say whats want to go when the return trip cling to the city has crab. Result, the driver does not know a way, took the injustice route of a few hours, empty stomach of whole vehicle person rumbles bitter get close to is worn, etc find booking restaurant already was afternoon the four seasons. This lunch eats nondescript, but because a dish of crab is in over there, all people do not have complaint, sitting down to eat is.
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