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Eat crab 6 avoid
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One avoid eats unripe crab. The body of crab covered of all kinds bacterium and mud in path of the watch, branchial bowel that reach a stomach. Feed crab to want evaporate ripe boil fully, above ability heats 30 minutes to rise to sterilize effect again after general boil.

2 avoid eat dead crab, buy dead crab. The bacterium inside dead crab body breeds quickly, diffuse in crab flesh, decompose the amino acid in crab flesh, produce a large number of harmful material, edible dead crab may cause vomiting, bellyacke, diarrhoea. Besides, dying crab is unfavorable also buy.

3 avoid eat long put ripe crab. The ripe crab that deposit is polluted extremely easily by the bacterium, accordingly, crab appropriate is burned now eat now. In case do not eat, those who remain must guarantee the place with shady and cool and clean, ventilated existence (had better be the) in freezer, when eating must cook again thoroughlies cook evaporate to appear again.

4 avoid eat too much. Crab flesh sex is cold, unfavorable feed more. Taste empty is cold person answer especially bring to sb's attention, lest bellyacke diarrhoea. Eat crab to reach two commonly can, on one cup of Jiang Chaqu had better be drunk after eating crab cold.

5 avoid drink boiled water. When eating crab, mix boiled water of water of the 1 inside the hour avoid after eating crab. Because boiled water is met diluent hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, tea party makes the certain part of crab caky, go against digest absorb.

6 avoid eat persimmon. Crab of avoid by all means and persimmon are mixed eat, because of persimmon the part such as medium tannic acid can make the fleshy albumen in crab to solidify said of liquid, the likelihood causes the undesirable reaction such as vomiting, bellyacke, diarrhoea.  

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