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Pregnancy eats a crab to cause miscarriage easily too much
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Expert of office of safety of Beijing government food warns broad customer, crab of choose and buy should arrive wholesale and retail market or crab brand shop buy normal supermarket, aquatic product.  

Introduce according to food expert, choose crab product to want to accomplish 5 look:  

See crab case, bright and lustrous, of the green that show Chinese ink, general put oneself in another's position is large solid;  

2 see navel, of circle of common belly button for female crab, navel acuminate is male crab, navel is outstanding and the weigh in hand that use a hand, feeling " heavy " , general fat fertilizer creams full;  

3 watch crab sufficient, crab is sufficient go up " crural wool " fascicular, general fat sufficient body be good at;  

4 see vigor, retroflexion crab body come over, can use crab quickly sufficient play turn, vigor is strong;  

5 see crawl, abdomen of the abdomen when crawl leaves the ground is good crab.  

The expert reminds, although the crab tastes delicious, but in the mud that it grows in bottom of river, river, lake, often feed with moving a plant to be filthily, plus crab contain in the flesh taller than * flesh, cruelly oppress very severalfold protein, the protein after crab is dead can be decomposed quickly, the bacterium breeds in great quantities, when eating crab if carelessly wholesome, very incidental bromatoxism.  

How does the crab have ability security? The expert introduced 5 kinds of methods:  

One, those who want work of choose and buy, the crab with better quality, do not eat dead crab;  

2, before evaporate crab, want to wash crab clean down;  

3, crab must be thoroughlied cook, boil fully again edible, do not eat without the crab that thoroughlies cook thoroughly;  

4, before edible, should wait for the stomach of crab, bowel cannot the partial take out of edible;  

5, eat crab best Zun Yijiang the dressing such as vinegar of end, rice, garlic, not only increase appetite, still can have certain antiseptic effect.  

The expert emphasizes, eat crab to want to notice food is no-no:  

It is not to want to be fed together with persimmon, because tannic acid material is contained in persimmon, and crab flesh contains rich protein, both feed together, the protein that can make crab medium is caky and sclerotic, eat excessive to bring the bowel that send a stomach easily the path is unwell;  

2 it is crab kind the effect that the product has invigorate the circulation of blood to change silt, cause miscarriage likely, consequently pregnant woman must not eat a crab to enter too much fill;  

3 it is to have function of hepatic disease, kidney the person of fat of not complete, hypertensive, tall blood, diabetic, allergic constitution, diarrhoea, gastralgia, had better not be fed or eat crab meat less.  

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