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The common of 1. crab says.
2. also is made " Pang 蠏 " .  

Biology is classified
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Medical value
Sexual flavour: Salty, cold, have small poison. Return classics: Enter liver, stomach.
Effect: Disappear of stomach of gas of the beneficial that raise muscle, manage is fed, medicinal powder all heat, connect main and collateral channels, solution knot comes loose blood.
Advocate treat: Complete crab can treat the unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease in the bosom
Angry, blood of Yu Jie Yu, injury of bones and muscles is folded, 㖞 cant is swollen; Of the food and drink that boil treat postpartum abdomen abdominal pain, lochia does not fall; Crab carapace treats lacquer skiing ulcer.

Crab is crustacean animal (Crustacean) , their body is being protected by incrustation.   is on taxonomy, crab and shrimp roe, langouste, hermit crab is congener animal. The crab of sort of   great majority lives in the sea or stand by ocean, the crab dwell that also has a few of course at fresh water or live in land.  
No matter they live over, they should breathe. How does   crab breathe? The respirator official of crab is called branchial.
How does crab breed leave generation? They rely on   small crab of mother crab a future life, every time mother crab can produce a lot of egg, the amount can amount to millions bead above. These   egg are after hatch of mother crab abdomen, the young can break away from the mother's body, as coastal tide everywhere pelagian. After   passes ejectable a few times, blossom big larval, larva of large small hole blossoms via a few ejectable again young crab, young crab exterior almost with into crab identical, repass becomes crab a few times after ejectable. The briny crab with major   kind it is egg after maturity, not hatch discharges Yu Haiyang directly.  
The hard carapace on crab body can protect crab, avoid to suffer natural enemy enroach on, but carapace can not grow as the body and expand.   so crab grows is paragraph of sex, namely be apart period of time, the body after old shell exuviate goes just can continue to grow. The crab with the greatest type of build or figure on   earth is spider crab, their foot is stretched come wide amount to 3.7 meters, the smallest crab is fabaceous crab, the diameter is less than half centimeter.
Although crab is small, it is completely of the five internal organs however. After the incrustation take out crab, the body part that we can discover crab gets the protection of a carapace, these resemble peltate shell, the biologist calls back armour (Carapace) . Crab body controls semmetry, can distinguish the area that it is the forehead, eye area, heart area, liver area, stomach area, bowel area, branchial area. The both sides of crab body has accessary limb (Appendage) is concatenate. The accessary limb of the head calls antenna, have touch and olfactory function, a little accessary limb has mouth ministry function, with in will tear off food and sending the entry.
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