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Too lake crab introduces
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Too lake crab, grow Yu Taihu water area, also weigh crab, firm grand sunken grain seems its back case tiger lubricious blueness is black, celiac green white, there is hilum below the abdomen, powerful pointed female group, there is bristle inside. Crab department migrates sexual biology, annual Qiu Dong, sexual gland of 2 age crab is mature, gang direct current east below, hand in to Jiang Hai in collecting the shallow sea of place, progenitive after that all one's life. The summer at the beginning of second year, the crab seedling after hatch refluent and go up, return to too settle of lake water area, classics for many times exuviate carapace, be brought up gradually, became big crab second year. After 1949, because edge river builds switch, crab seedling migrates hard, rose 1966 with seedling of artificial banish crab, seedling of 1 kilogram of crab can give crab 3, 4 tons.  

"Autumn wind is noisy, crab foot is urticant " , arrive from Cold Dew the Beginning of Winter, be too lake crab appears on the market in great quantities seasonal. The ancients poem says " October of broad and rounded abdomen of a female crab is pointed in September, run day of chela drinking chrysanthemum " , folk also has " 9 female 10 hero " adage.  

Too lake crab general interest is heavy, fleshy of the ovary and digestive glands of the crab, the flesh is qualitative delicate, fat beauty is unusual, the tradition eats a law to have steam, water is boiled, the face procrastinates, Bacchic, souse, after taking out crab flesh, still can make ball of crystal of grease of crab of shrimp of crab flesh large meatball, peacock, crab, fry crab meat, crab meat small dot of the renown dish such as basket bag, name. Common saying says: "The desk on crab flavour 100 flavour are weak. , ' too lake crab besides delicious, still have very high nutrition value.  

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