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Crab of in relief settleclear lake introduces
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This crab originates in   of crab of lake of Yang Cheng of       settleclear lake of this world of Jiangsu Suzhou area, it is famed domestic and international China famous product. Crab of water of lake of in relief settleclear lake, general fertilizer, general 3 weigh 500 grams, big person weigh 250 grams above only, the biggest person can amount to 500 grams, blueness carries yellow wool of claw of white abdomen gold on the back, 10 limb are strong and vigorous, crab flesh is plump, nutrition is rich. From of old, even of crab of in relief settleclear lake countless deadbeat do it dump. Mrs. Zhang Taiyan Ms. Shang Guoli has a poem to say: "Not be Yang Cheng crab taste is good, this is born to live why Suzhou! This is born to live why Suzhou!!

Crab of lake of Yang Cheng of      , all through the ages is called the coronal in crab. The special zoology environment of this and in relief settleclear lake is concerned. Circumference of water area a hunderd li, blue waves ripples, honest of water quality Qing Dynasty is like lens, water low end is good, aquatic luxuriant, outspread and broad, climate appropriate, be crab settles grow optimal the Crystal Palace. So, the configuration of crab of in relief settleclear lake and flesh are qualitative, in crab familial in, greatly extraordinary. Configuration has 4 big features: Carapace of crab of? of Huang Qiao Jiu becomes green mud look, flowing and luster ﹔ 2 it is white abdomen, stick umbilical abdomen carapace of mud, glittering and translucent and white, the splash that do not have Chinese ink nods ﹔ 3 it is Huang Mao, the wool of crab leg grows and show yellow, root root is forceful ﹔ 4 it is golden claw, crab claw is golden, solid and strong, put it is on vitreous board, 8 sufficient stand firm, double chela rise high into the air, hilum carries apophysis on the back, jovian. Fleshy qualitative fertilizer is tender delicious, the cate name food with again good other is eaten again after been feed, metropolis dull insipidity. Be in the pheasant city lake that leaves in relief settleclear lake to count a kilometer, lake crab crop also much, but suffer tide effect, abdomen is not white, mao Wei is black, the flesh is qualitative far crab of not as settleclear as this world lake is delicious. The lake crab of same area, even cannot be compared, the crab of other area, more greatly inferior. Accordingly, overseas of crab of in relief settleclear lake is long enjoy high reputation, be called"Crab of wool of China gold velvet.

Why is crab of in relief settleclear lake called generally again"Crab"? ? Bao Xiaotian ever had written to this name " crab history one's deceased father " , respecting"Crab 3 words originate the mouth that Suzhou sells crab the person. ""
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