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Crab of solid city lake introduces
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Crab of lake of      solid city is produced from national level zoology demonstrative area Jiangsu saves tall honest county. Its good young plant is planted, high grade fountainhead, beautiful environment makes crab of lake of tall Chungu city has the flesh to pledge the characteristic such as red fertile of exquisite, fat, it is the absolutely beautiful cate of entertainment close friends.
Crab of lake of      solid city " 4 the first " praise full Hua Sha: River of monitor of the first organic crab of countrywide, state fastens river crab to be planted formerly zoology of first river crab of field, whole nation breeds standardization to set an example area, complete province the first aquatic product kind famous label. In recent years, crab of solid city lake has the honor to win   with its unique character " Chinese market is accepted and famous brand " , the Ministry of Agriculture saves society of consumer of province of famous brand product, Jiangsu to be at ease without aquatic product of social effects of pollution, Jiangsu food, Jiangsu saves high grade crab " star of gold prize crab " , " Nanjing citizen. Current, crab of solid city lake is being declared actively " one mark is tasted " namely Chinese well-known logo and product of national geography mark, geography of its China home indicates the product already was entered accept announcement level. The flesh is qualitative the crab of solid city lake of fresh and tender fat not only and other places of popular Shanghai, Changzhou, Ning Bo, Nanjing, still export market of and other places of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore.
     is compared with photograph of other breed crab, crab of solid city lake is had cream condition of red, carapace is sufficient hard, vigor is strong, puffy degree of tall, flesh is qualitative delicate mouthfeel is good wait for a characteristic. Every only fair crab is in crab of authentic solid city lake 175 grams above, mother crab is in 140 grams above, the coronal in the crab that be called. It has 8 big characteristics: Green (green food, be at ease crab) , early (appear on the market early) , big (norms of big, 4 two above occupy 50 % ) , fat (the flesh is qualitative full) , raw meat or fish (crab fishy smell is dye-in-the-wood) , delicacy (crab flesh amino acid is much) , sweet. Crab of solid city lake besides it is rare cate, outside having higher nutrient value, still have medicinal powder hot, disappear is fed, control the officinal value such as the stomach.
The crab that      pures high this year breeds is a bumper harvest year, 220 thousand mus breed an area to predict 10 thousand tons to be able to produce high grade crab, production value 800 million yuan, aid farming add receive 800 yuan. Advocate the terminal market of tall honest aquatic product of battalion crab clinchs a deal the forehead predicts to exceed 1.8 billion yuan this year, make the throughout the country's biggest crab major market.  

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