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Crab of the lake that seek hill introduces
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Crab chela namely golden fluid, flooey grave is a fabled abode of immortals. And wine of beauty needing water, take month of drunk tall stand.    
                                         -- , Li Bai   

Seek hill lake crab, crab of chela of cloth with soft nap of formal name China, produce from Ning Bo the 2nd big natural lake of city -- Mou Shan lake. The lake that seek hill 3 annulus hill, area of existing water area is close 10 thousand mus, all the year round water level maintains be in 2 meters, water quality is pure and fresh free from contamination, still maintaining the species diversity of of primitive simplicity, lake bottom is grit deposit more, ground is firm, distinctive growth environment, make here teems with all sorts of aquatic product such as crucian carp, carp, Yong, mandarin fish, shrimp, crab, among them blame with crab the most negative great reputation, what produce crab of the lake that seek hill if housing Qing Dynasty is washed, settleclear clear is satisfactory.    

The national green that seeking hill lake to breed water area is attestation of course Ministry of Agriculture does not have base of social effects of pollution, of production " the lake that seek hill " the crab is Ning Bo city's only organic crab. Base relies on Zhejiang to save the technical power of institute of fresh water aquatic product, establish research center of river crab of fish of mandarin fish of the lake that seek hill, reform and consolidate crab of the lake that seek hill is admirable character. Publicize the support with broad consumer through effort of a few years, crab of the lake that seek hill already affected in peace circumjacent area was had certain famous degree. Every time autumn wind together, it is the optimal season of crab of eat of the lake that seek hill. Annual come by October in December the middle ten days of a month, the crab of be addicted to of far and near person, thick as hail, those who be is to taste crab of authentic the former unripe lake that seek hill. "Green back, white abdomen, Huang Mao, gold is ungual " for Mou Shan lake crab top grade. "Chela seals tender jade in pairs full, housing protruding is red fat piece piece sweet " . The ovary and digestive glands of the crab of that nacarat, like Bai Yu fat, white and delicate crab flesh, solid it is color, sweet, flavour 3 person extremely, make countless deadbeat are connected for the and his like.    

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