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Experience the Xinjiang of reforming and opening: The story of crab
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Xinjiang news is online net on October 23 message (reporter: Liu Hua) : 779 time, xinjiang person to crab it is Yao cannot be reached, what native place speaks of crab in the mother of the seaside is delicate be like a fairy tale. When remembering comforting the mother that considers country in those days, a saying maximum sentence is: Waited for my job to earn money, take you to return old home! Eat crab!

     eventually, my university graduated. To realize oneself promise, when the maternal aunt of mother and Kui collect comes to Urumqi, I am insisting to take two old people went seafood city, but the price that the old person does not agree to accept the crab in seafood pool anyhow, just nodded the cheapest shrimp finally. Crab, still be it seems that a kind distant, a kind of distance.

     blinks, the job already 12 years, casual in, the town that all sorts of seafood had left this the sea is farthermost in Urumqi is frisky, abounding the table of people. Go on seafood market, swimming crab, cream crab, the crab of settleclear lake of Jiangsu this world that still every sky carries and comes makes you dazzling, and more than 50 money a kilogram price is to make a person enchanted more.

     and who can think of again, xinjiang also had landed crab and sell as far as to inland, yi plows Lun Guhu of river, black, ai Bihu, connect the sanded elegant county near Taklimakan desert to also depend on reservoir nature to put in a suitable place to breed had crab.

     nowadays, the mother comes again Urumqi, still want a level some crab, nevertheless it is mensal no longer already go up exclusive"Grand opera".  

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