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England captures the Cancer that hefts 15 jins
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Chiliad “ is gigantic without bully ” crab is ablaze came on stage.

A man was in England recently sea mile catchs a “ gigantic without bully ” crab, this crab bodily form is 3 times of crab commonner, weight amounts to 7.7 kilograms, tremendous crab clamp is even bigger than the palm of adult.

Paul · Wo Sili of 39 years old discovers this colossus by chance when phreatic water. After extend leaves, this only big crab is as long as many centimeters 60 all over, the span of two crab clamp is 22.5 centimeters, the join forces enough that crab pincerlike becomes places any hard character so that smash. “ I put this only big crab in the office, the plan eats off it after a few days. I think this big guy can invite 10 individual beauty at least beautiful play knife and fork. ”

Local fisherman Douglas thinks, this crab may be place's greatest crab. This crab looks “ is an old an eccentric person, especially that tremendous crab clamp. If it atttacks the mankind, anybody can be done by it. ”
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Crab clamp is just as a sharp and clinking scissors, if suffer extend the past, estimation is deformed.
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Even bulkier than the palm, too terrible.

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