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Guangdong Dongguan: Price of crab sell like hot cakes and kept balance last year
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Jiang Shenghua of reporter Chen Zhijiang's reporter

"Autumn wind rises, crab waves sweet " , october is the season that the crab appears on the market in great quantities fall, also be the optimal time that takes crab. The reporter visits Guangdong to visit a few towns of Dongguan city free market of agricultural products and discovery of crab brand shop, the crab appears on the market get the welcome of many citizens, the crab price this year and photograph comparing kept balance roughly last year.

Produce the first gear that taste an area according to sea of some free market of agricultural products advocate the introduction, be the season that of all kinds crab appears on the market in great quantities only at present, crab fat taste is little, and price is cheaper also, every 19 right-and-left crab every jins 35 yuan, mostly the citizen can be accepted, every booth archives can sell on average everyday give 15 jins or so. And element has " the king in crab " the price of the crab of Yang Cheng lake of good name also follows in former years about the same. Crab of in relief settleclear lake marks a price by build commonly, 491 want 170 yuan or so commonly, build Yue Xiaoyue is cheap. Because value of authentic crab of in relief settleclear lake is relative taller, so majority is to sell toward each big wine shop.

Concerned expert warns a citizen, the crab is unfavorable feed more, feed half to calculate to 1 every time right amount, excessive feeds a crab to be able to raise the negative charge of digestion, have full sluggish feeling gently, weigh a diarrhoea vomiting. When eating crab, must eat fresh the crab that thoroughly cook, must not eat unripe crab and dead crab.


General of * flesh price falls 1 reach 2 yuan

The reporter understands from the free market of agricultural products inside town of pool a tall building today, after the * flesh that experienced period of time rises in price, had begun to appear by September become loose, current, * flesh price is reduced every jins generally 1 reach 2 yuan.

The reporter presses down 4 villages market to understand in this, because * flesh trade price drops, at present on market besides chop retail price every jins 16 yuan did not depreciate outside, the retail price of lean lean is controlled 15 yuan from before fall 14 yuan, steaky pork and * foreleg flesh fall the biggest, from before every jins 13 yuan fall 11 yuan.

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