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Anhui and county: Crab city space produces crab to take lead
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Bright of autumn wind of     blow gently, blast a paddy flower is sweet, when eating crab to a year again. At present, anhui and prefectural each district are fresh river crab appears on the market sadly, people is old full the luck to eat sth delicious.  

    occupies observation of pair of partial free market of agricultural products, the river crab that appears on the market this year breeds crab for this locality more, their great majority uses the appropriate fishing surface such as crab of rice field, pool, brook to breed for this prefectural farmer. In recent years, as a result of this county farming appoint those who reach aquatic product section is active guide, publicize river crab standardization to breed knowledge energetically, zoology breeds ideal development popular feeling, breed door strengthen raise management, build water area environment, exquisite breed aquatics method, watchful adjustment water quality, the flesh of condition of system of river crab majority that appear on the market is fat, price moderate. And although the county is located in the Yangtse River, natural catching river crab appears on the market directly rarely however supply this locality market, be gone up to buy to fisher ahead of schedule by pedlar more, carry arrives periphery is big in city, the sale gives the high-grade consumption such as restaurant, guesthouse. And the brand crab that mixes a the county is exclusive to already was registered -- " river chela " card river crab also is bought by the agency of and other places of Shanghai, Zhejiang, Nanjing, Hefei professional terminal market or buy inn sale only, so native can be bought directly in the market rarely.

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