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18 hotels supermarket sells Zhen Yangcheng 1 times lake crab only
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Crab of sham in relief settleclear lake

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The sham lock that prevent bogus
From November the bottom begins, group of check of supervisory bureau of technology of quality of city of Lanzhou of the Gansu Province executes the law personnel had last a period of time the special punish of half month, 18 when checking tall, intermediate what hotel and supermarket sell is nominal " crab of Yang Cheng lake " in, leave only filling what M inn sells is to be tasted really, the others of 17 distribute it is crab of lake of sham Yang Cheng completely, beguiling consumer.  

Crab of lake of sham Yang Cheng " infestation "   of much home public house

     " why does domestic home have crab of Yang Cheng lake? "  

     " sign of Tie Yangcheng lake is good sell! " bureau of city qualitative inspect executes the law personnel tells a reporter, taste Yang Cheng really in Lanzhou city actually lake crab is not much. This year November, check group receives consumer report, when the crab that contains label of in relief settleclear lake in consumption, discover mouthfeel is not quite good, branch of requirement qualitative inspect can give check. For this, execute the law personnel is right the crab of in relief settleclear lake that sells on Lanzhou market undertook investigating, collect 3 kinds to indicate crab of in relief settleclear lake to prevent bogus in all special mark, subsequent case gives Suzhou city this world country of origin of settleclear lake crab office of committee of management of region product protection undertakes checking. Maintain finally via this office, these 3 kinds of crabs on Lanzhou market are not crab of lake of authentic Yang Cheng.  

     from November the bottom begins, qualitative inspect executes the law personnel began by a definite date in the our city the crab of in relief settleclear lake of half month is special punish, checked an our city in all 18 tall, intermediate the tagging of the distribute in hotel and supermarket has " Yang Cheng lake " the crab of model of written characters, the result is surprising, the crab that has sale of a hotel only among them is taste really, the others is sham product 17 times entirely. According to checking solid, these sham crabs come from more inside green market, it is the crab that comes from Hubei, Anhui.  

     is worn prevent bogus " ring " false crab prevents   very hard

    12 month 27 days, the reporter executes the law along with coessential inspect personnel is when one supermarket examination, the crab of in relief settleclear lake that discovers its distribute is sham product. Insider tells a reporter, print with laser on crab carapace " crab of in relief settleclear lake " a few model of written characters are accomplished very easily. As to the lock that prevent bogus, with a few minutes money can be bought, this caused so much sham " crab of Yang Cheng lake " " tyrannize " situation.  
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