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Jiangsu is big vertical lake crab step by step uprise
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Last year on September 16, "Saline city Chen Changrong is big limited company of vertical lake crab " general manager Chen Changrong and 4 stars class " salt mounds state guest house " meal ministry signs supply and marketing " card of big vertical lake " crab tens of 10 thousand yuan contracts. Chen Zong manager signs the pen of the contract to be put down, the first phone is the leader that good this news tells saline city brand of be assigned personal responsibility for of substation of lake of booth of industrial and commercial bureau.
2001, the Chen Changrong that is good at holding business chance values big vertical lake that " water of half bay lake 1000 rivers month, a heavy Sha Mohu bead " substantial wet zoology natural resources, big vertical lake breeds rate preexistence " big vertical lake " clear water crab. As the flourishing of the business, more and more people join the sale trade of crab of big vertical lake, say by the truth, this is a favour that forms dimensions advantage originally, but have some of person among them to seek profit, pretend to be the rice field crab of other place unexpectedly case " big vertical lake " crab undertakes low dumping, let Chen Changrong lifting crab personally, call broken voice, also have person make inquires rarely.
A day, the moustache of industrial and commercial cadre of free market of agricultural products of new Ximen of be assigned personal responsibility for makes Tian Xun check Chen Changrong " brand shop " , meet to hear Chen Changrong to groan. Should be informed old boss what arduous breed aquatics is authentic when reason of coast of market of crab of big vertical lake, the introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad immediately that make field gave one or two to him " big vertical lake " the idea that 3 words apply to register as brand name. Chen Changrong listens, ground of appear to be reluctant showed to say immediately on the face: "I think early ' big vertical lake ' these 3 words apply for to register come down, but this name is early on November 14, 2000 already by salt the area is large even if diversified economy serves the lake,bureau of brand of company classics country is in 31 kinds to go up approve was registered. " " Oh, already was registered by approve of national brand bureau, so, do they have investment to use? " " still use without investment! " " good, why don't you spend bit of money to make over it then does change come up to your account? " " they do not agree. " " they do not agree to make over, did not use again, why are you adopted then paid allow spendable method? " " what cries paid is the license used? " " the form that uses a contract namely, you spend money to borrow the brand of the other side use. You spend money to borrow the brand of the other side use..
Match meticulously in the leader of relevant section below, both sides signed a license to use an agreement on October 29, 2003 eventually. After the contract has been signed, chen Changrong with permissive agreement, printed to the manufacturer deciding a dot that prints label " big vertical lake " brand does not do glue label, stickup go up in crab body, cooperate advertisement conduct propaganda again, for a short while his crab sale rises sharply.
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