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Punish purse net raises crab to return in relief settleclear lake ecological bal
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Crab of in relief settleclear lake makes a name global

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Crab farming is made with one's shoulder to collar in the laborious on in relief settleclear lake

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Cooperation net surrounds spot of the ballot that rent

King of □ reporter    is Finnish

     sees in relief settleclear lake when crab farming Cai Asan, this old person of 62 years old is enjoying the leisure time of wintry day. The right hand is placing a smoke, left hand is wearing ring of a sapphirine, the first sense that the expression that his expression flies upwards gives a person is: "This is a healthy old person " . But, from inside the vicissitudes of life between his dark face and forehead, still can envisage the pains that gives him nearly 10 years to raise crab.  

"Although do not have surface pisciculture,raise crab later, but social security is better than before, old two allowance that every month has 660 yuan, I and old partner content with one's lot... " the breed aquatics that   accompanied Cai Asan nearly 10 years surface is about to clear entirely, face about-face of this one life, cai Asan is very easy, also very calm. "My ability to walk is worn fortunately, other of able still dot is vivid, increase governmental allowance, the life uses anxious far from! "  

2008, city of hill of the city zone of industrial garden area, photograph, elder brother and Changshu city, large quantities of one A resembling Cai crab farming will be faced with such 3 in relief settleclear lakes to disembark be transferred to civilian work, return those who have a batch of fishermans to breed surface to will be compressed substantially. In the pisciculture of these fishermans the career that raise crab is faced with the backside of great transition, the punish dismantling a web that is soul-stirring that undertaking on in relief settleclear lake acts.  

Protect Suzhou dweller " flood crock " -- 81 thousand mus of purse net shrink 32 thousand mus of  

The Suzhou characteristic that crab of in relief settleclear lake is celebrated China and foreign countries tastes brand agriculture products, come for years, a crab let large quantities of one edge lake farmers become " crab boss " , crab farming is annual but in Cong Yangcheng lake " fish out " a few crab property production value of 100 million. But meanwhile, in relief settleclear lake also is the our city's main drinkable source of water and strategy reserve fountainhead ground, hold a variety of functions such as flood prevention, travel concurrently. This area makes an appointment with 180 thousand mus inland lake is dweller of 100 much Suzhou all the time " flood crock " .  
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