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78 years old of old crab farming get online rich " give a person with fishing "
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Tian Shoucheng is getting online

The old person that China trade morning paper reported    Pan Jin 78 years old on January 14 drives rich customer, 18 months published 102 articles.

The theme of these articles has only, teach person breed aquatics river crab namely.

Fresh net of 78 years old of old people uploads experience

Rich has a very active rich friend in passenger group, call Tian Shoucheng, a lot of people know this " rich guest of Tian Shoucheng " . However, very few however in network world somebody knows his age.

Yesterday, the reporter saw Tian Shoucheng in community of elegance and talent of area of Pan Jinshuang desk.

Tian Shoucheng already was full head white hair, wearing a pair of glasses, "I already 78, somebody is returned to become me groups small on the net! " Tian Shoucheng says.

Tian Shoucheng tells a reporter, he is bureau of dish of hill county aquatic product retire cadre, accordingly, what write in rich guest is the article of river crab breed aquatics, "I write river crab, because I know the technique of river crab breed aquatics,be. Because I know the technique of river crab breed aquatics,be..

"Write down, groups big saw, it is better to if can learn,learn, also calculate me to did not work in vain. " the reporter sees from the rich guest of the old person, one the name is " the rice field raises crab technology 10 plan " article hit is quite tall, the article introduced a rice field to raise the experience of crab.

In the meantime, the netizen of countrywide each district also leaves a message in succession, "Write very guileless, although do not have luxuriant flowery language, but however very suffer a person to like. But however very suffer a person to like..

The reporter notices, every article on guest of Tian Shoucheng rich somebody follows post.

The trouble won't type please do sth for sb

In a year of short half time, the hit of guest of old person rich is achieved 10853 times.

Tian Shoucheng runs his rich settle or live in a strange place vivid and dramatic, but what everybody does not know is, "I won't type, this wrote rich guest to bring big trouble to me. This wrote rich guest to bring big trouble to me..

Original, two years ago, the son gives father a computer, let him learning to get online.

"Later, I discover a lot of person drives rich customer, I also add trouble to opened. " Tian Shoucheng says, "Since drove rich customer, be about to write bit of what! I breed little common sense, life to experience with respect to the river crab that knows my etc write down, let a son help me type, affix again next. Affix again next..

"Quite troublesome! But quite interesting, here the joy that I find myself. " lord child say, the son also supports him particularly, still bought the software of a handwritten input method to him nowadays, "Smallish article, myself can be written. Myself can be written..
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