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Crab agent: Crab industry cannot the one annulus of oversight
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     star has agent, fry a stock to house of agent, deal has agent, the fisherman sells a fish, sold crab to use broker early also. Such agent has nearly 100 people in harbor of temple of Jiangsu Suzhou city, everybody is annual the crab of deal with has nearly 10 thousand kilograms, the temple harbor of 60%~70% too lake crab moves toward the market via their hand.
     " not urgent, put in too in the lake good. " the Laoxi of community of temple harbor fishery, raised 50 mus last year too lake crab, crop is very good. But, he is worn not urgently scoop up crab, hear only " agent " he just can issue lake crab after the message that transmits.

     100 " agent " sell 7 Cheng Taihu crab

     is frank cling to the reason that the Laoxi that hand in says to have him not urgently oneself: On the village one " able person " a word let him decide a heart: "The crab that you raise, oneself can retail how to much calculate, I what remain introduce you to sell by market trade price. " " able person " do not collect Laoxi middleman's fee, "Able person " the price difference that income depends on this locality trade price selling an other place. This " able person " the agent that also became Laoxi to be not firm sense to go up.
7 is having      Wu Jiang is the longest too lake along the line, jiang Taihu crab basically is produced in 7, and 7 too the majority produces lake crab from community of temple harbor fishery. Zhu Xinghong of this community secretary of a Party or League branch says, temple harbor too lake crab light relies on this locality retail market is cannot digestive, 60%~70% sells past periphery to visit town by this kind of agent. Agent is the village mostly " able person " , some oneself also are raised in them too lake crab, because " way is wide " , sale is more than from crop, then the crab of villager of home village or town also is sold by them go out. Still having one part agent is real broker, oneself do not raise crab, help only sell crab. Full-time agent, part-time job agent adds up, community of temple harbor fishery has nearly 100 people about.

     not what price of drive up crab earns is " too lake card "

     Wang Weiling is one of fishermans that pursue broker trade earlier. 1998, he begins to raise crab, become pluralistic agent next. So old come he developed channel of a lot of export, the Shanghai, Zhejiang client that he is secured. After the quoted price that gives traveling trader is accepted, before Wang Weiling wants to send a car in travelling merchant, run crab farmhouse, want to be able to accept this quoted price only, can arrive early in the morning the following day too the lake is surrounded raise in catch crab come up. "Becoming crab agent is it is with sincere letter this. Even if the price that slow-moving period also cannot control villagers, flourishing spends period also cannot the price of drive up travelling merchant. " Wang Weiling says, "I and villagers want to sell the price a bit weller, if to travelling merchant optional raise up the price, cheat goes to the likelihood, nevertheless this travelling merchant won't be bought later again, shipment channel also was broken. Shipment channel also was broken..
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