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Hubei of fierce of king of the expert that raise crab imparts the unique skill t
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"Surround 2 kinds 3 send whorl, rare put mix raise breed much, dipping fertilizes cannot little, aggrandizement nutrition is the most important. Aggrandizement nutrition is the most important..
22 days, countrywide fishery science and technology provides disaster relief and science and technology enters a spring action to start the spot to be able to be in city of celestial being peach to discharge lake fishing ground to hold. University of aquatic product of expert of banquet of agricultural radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries, Shanghai teachs Wang Wu,
In breed the spot, the area of purse net of the crab inside many ponds is very small. Wang Wu tells to breed door, purse net should cut off surface in the 1/3 place of piscine pool, crab is surrounded inside Xiaochi, big Chi Li plants the water and grass such as Yi naked alga, etc aquatic is long May the web is dismantled when reaching 50 centimeters. Such ability have enough water plants to be mixed for crab edible concealment.
Wang Wu is the crab expert of domestic the first of all, one belt puts forward Ceng Zaijiang short for Zhejiang Province " eliminate 29 crab " catchword. Before lecture, his investigation is informed, a large number of seedlings that buckle crab die during snow calamity. He tells spot breed aquatics door, this is not terrible. Every mus need to put in 500 seedlings that buckle crab only, need additionally to mix raise 20 grey silver crap, 3 jins come 50 fish of 50 5 jins of 2 centimeters long freshwater shrimp, crucian carp, yellow foreheading fish, 100 come Gu of inclined jaw of 200 fine scale. Such, can adjust breed structure, raise the crab that go out to be able to amount to 29 above, can add receive 40% above.
Pond in kind careless, other 3 cast bait. The near future should put in lees, malt wait for bait to entice crab to open appetite greatly, with enhancing a constitution quickly. Every mus put in 89 kilograms to ferment fertilizer adds fertilizer for water... a few technologies of Wang Wu are secret, let raise the crab with old crab farming people feel very fresh, surround in succession come up the requirement is told a bit more careful.
Spring the sunshine of day is very warm. The people of attend a lecture feels, although all previous classics is great calamity, still was full of a hope one new year.

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