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How solve crab " go up a predicament "
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     " be who was bound to crab so much set? " " cover on crab entrap client, can with covering the skin Where is take out resell? " on January 28, our newspaper " now smoke power " C05 edition " a jin of rope tangled on 10 crab " after one article appears in the newspaper, intense echo was caused in Yantai area, many readers hit a phone to say to our newspaper reporter in succession, they ever also had been bought " on set " crab, the hope returns crab as early as possible about the branch " free body " , had better be to make a crab " go up set " standard.
Yantai city is industrial and commercial institute of government of free market of agricultural products also is opposite road of harbour of substation of Fu of administration bureau Zhi crab market undertook assault is checked, ask crab pedlar must not continue to sell " on set " crab.  
"Cover on " crab other place comes
Where do these tongs pester the crab that full skin covers to be hit after all above clip? 28 days morning, the reporter comes to Yantai city what management of free market of agricultural products covered region of harbour of substation of Fu of Zhi of bureau of industrial and commercial administration this relevant controller.
"These ' go up set ' crab should be to produce from the other place. " what management of free market of agricultural products uses harbour means assistant director tells a reporter, yantai place crab is used only commonly fine fine leather muscle binds two tongs clip, have what cover with the skin rarely. Since entering a winter, local crab output is less, satisfy market demand hard, during the Spring Festival, the demand of crab is a few bigger, landed crab swarms into Yantai market in great quantities outside, come from what Zhejiang takes littoral to be in the majority especially. Come before smoke, these crab already were become box is packed rise, next again by " middleman " sell local crab small retailer.
Applied assistant director and additionally two staff members to undertake to crab market assault is checked.
"The skin that you must get on crab body covers unship to come, forbid to continue later crab is covered on the sale. " when the examination personnel comes to harbour road when market of aquatic product of farming trade city, discovery " on set " crab still firmly is holding crab market.
"Beautiful money buys these skins are covered, we also are victims. " a female booth advocate say a little innocently, what she sells now is nonlocal crab. Every morning much at 3 o'clock, can have a few crab business general is truckload and truckload " on set " crab carry comes over to wait wholesale. "Should punish those people that breed crab well really, they are killed our inside and outside is not a person. " see examination staff comes, pedlar of more than 10 crab was surrounded come over.
"The crab that the other place comes to is really abominable! Their value is relatively inferior, supported crab of our this locality is not quite well to sell. " an employer that sells this locality crab only says, "Take the crab here for, the price cannot be differred with crab of family other place too much, if compare them expensive on 20 yuan, my this business did not have a law to do. And you will buy crab, some pedlar are nonlocal crab obviously in the hand, still slant should fill this locality crab. Still slant should fill this locality crab..
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