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Crab and beer feed body of easy injury man together
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Fresh and tender and delicate crab became the cate on many citizen table, each size feeds four inside city more roll out in succession multifarious " crab banquet " .

However, people is in big fast a cheek while do not know, because crab is one kind contains the food with unusually rich protein, the person that so a lot of bodies have a disease is unfavorable those who take food, have the person of the disease of hepatitis, heart and vessels, disease such as cholecystitis, cold for example, once eat crab, can cause indigestion not only, and the illness with possible still aggravating and original meeting.

In addition, the food that with crab collocation eats also has very much exquisite, once " build by accident " the symptom that causes diarrhoea, abdominal pain very easily. Especially men love to drink beer more, the season in this crab fat is little not Hu Peng calls out friendly sea to eat the sea to be drunk one time, this solicit comments became medium eat " crab does not drink beer " big fear, because two kinds of food contain tall purine, eat much can cause gout.

Suffer from hepatitis, cholecystitis to should not be eat crab

The expert points out, to healthy person, crab eats much can cause abdominal distension wait for dyspeptic symptom, and for the person that has a disease to a few itself, ate crab to be able to accentuate more illness, so these patients are unfavorable eat crab.

The first kind is hepatitis patient. The gastric mucous membrane of hepatitis patient appears easily hyperaemia, bile is secreted wrong, the function that can say whole digestion is poorer, because this is right,the protein that contains in crab is to be digested hard, absorb, the symptom such as abdominal distension, vomiting often can appear after this kind of patient eats crab.

The person that discharge the diet crab in the 2nd should count the patient that contracts cardiovascular disease. Crab besides contain a lot ofprotein, still have very high cholesterol, absorb overmuch cholesterol for the person with sick blood-vessel of intentional to sufferring from head frost is added on Yu Xue of as good as, light dyspeptic, weigh the inducement that may become apoplectic, heart attack to wait. The patient that has cholecystitis, pancreatitis is likewise unfavorable eat crab. These two kinds of disease attribute the problem of digestion, the many protein in crab enters the digestion of these patients, undoubted meeting is aggravating their gallbladder and pancreatic burden, can produce undesirable effect to the illness, the acute that can cause a disease even breaks out.

Additional, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine still thinks, because crab is aquatic, belong to " cold sex " , after the person with so cold empty of a few taste takes food absorb not easily also. The patient that the cold has a fever is unsuited also eat crab, lest accentuate symptom. In addition, a few have the patient of allergy history originally, after eating crab, because be contained in crab,heterogeneous protein can produce allergic reaction. Gules wind group appears all over after some people eat crab, have a plenty of long small red measles, sao is urticant bear hard, return shock of meeting occurrence irritability badly.
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