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The nutrition of crab
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PangCrab, weigh river crab again, it is to migrate the gender is crustacean aquatic (crab is progenitive in ocean, grow in the river of fresh water, river, lake, farewell of the crab after maturity breeds in seawater) . Crab serves as delicate cate, accept the favour of people fully from of old. Bright generation cloud of Li Shizhen assist: “ bright crab and with ginger vinegar, press with mellow wine, chew Huang Chiao, admire local color slightly. ” clear Chao Liyu more weigh crab: “ already created color, sweet, flavor 3 person extremely, more none is OK go up. ” because this, element has the place on “ crab the good name of 100 flavour weak ” . Crab nutrition is rich, contain a variety of vitamins, among them Liu Sheng of other of vitamin A prep above and aquatic, b2 is the flesh kind 5-6 times, than 6-10 of fish tower above times, than the egg kind tower above 2-3 times. The content of B1 and phosphor compares 6-10 of general fish tower above times. Crab of every 100 grams can feed a part to contain protein 17.5 grams, adipose 2.8 grams, phosphor 182 milligram, calcic 126 milligram, iron 2.8 milligram. Crab carapace is divided outside containing rich calcium, still contain element of crab red element, the ovary and digestive glands of the crab to wait.

Crab not only it is the cate in feeding, as officinal also have outstanding service. " gleaning of a book on Chinese medicine " say: “ its result comes loose not only, and can mix blood also. ” motherland medicine thinks crab sex cold flavour is salty, crab flesh has clear heat, medicinal powder the function such as regulating bodily functions of injury of hematic ties, teasel root, logic and method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood; Its carapace butClear heat is alexipharmic, broken silt Qing Dynasty is accumulated acetanilide.
Modern research discovers, crab carapace contains carapace of —— of a kind of material to pledge, in pledging, housing can abstract armour the substance that gives a kind to call ACOS-6, it has quality of activation of low noxiousness immunity, animal experiment already confirmed, this material can restrain the hyperplasia of cancer cell and move.

Autumn, chrysanthemum sweet crab is fat, be people samples the best days of crab. The nutrition of crab is very rich, protein content wants tower above than pork, cruelly oppress severalfold, the content of A of calcic, phosphor, iron and vitamin is higher also. But if eat undeservedly, may bring healthy harm.

Eat dead crab the meeting is toxic

When dying or crab is dead already, the group oxygen acid inside crab body can decompose generation histamine. Histamine is a kind of toxic substance, as the extension of dead time, the histamine that accumulates inside crab body is increasing, mephitis is bigger and bigger, although crab was thoroughlied cook, this kind of toxin is destroyed not easily also. Accordingly, must not eat dead crab. [Cate outstanding]
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