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What do shrimp and the aspect of similarities and differences that crab battalio
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What do shrimp and the aspect of similarities and differences that crab battalion nurturance separates have?

Shrimp and crab are aquatic product food in crustacean animal, shrimp has prawn (prawn, prawn) , river shrimp, sea shrimp. River shrimp kind divide shrimp of freshwater shrimp, rice, dried small shrimps again (shrimp) etc. Crab also has the branch of briny crab and fresh water crab.

Composition of nutrition of crustacean aquatic product is more constant, hydrous cent makes an appointment with 80 % ; Protein 1 5 ~ 2 0 % , protein quality but with the flesh kind rival with fish, biologic value is 75 ~ 85; Adipose amount to except fresh water crab 5. Beyond 9 % , other all is under 3 % ; Carbohydrate is under 1 0 % ; Rice shrimp contains iron more, every 1 0 gram is 8. 2 milligram; Crab kind contain vitamin B2 very tall, crab of sea of every 1 0 gram and fresh water crab are respectively 0. 7 milligram and 1 3. 0 milligram. Fresh water crab contains vitamin A extremely rich, every 1 0 gram amounts to unit of 1 780 international. The ovary and digestive glands of the crab of every 1 0 gram contains cholesterol to make an appointment with 466 milligram.

Why should eat dried small shrimps more to the child?

The nutrition of dried small shrimps is rich, even prep above chicken, duck, fish, egg. In above in 5 kinds of food, the protein content of dried small shrimps is highest, same, the infant grows the calcic content of easy lack in development also is highest. Phosphorous content is very additionally high also. Phosphor is the important part of nerve cell. Make the child much eat dried small shrimps so rachitic to precaution and promote grow development, promoting intellectual growth especially is advantageous.

Of dried small shrimps have a way a lot of, can stir-fry eat, do stuffing to eat, burn soup to eat, when lesser baby eats, but first dried small shrimps abluent chop, matching with other course next eat.

Eat dried to have profit to cheeper?

The nutrient composition of dried skin and dried are roughly similar, divide protein slightly low beyond, dried of prep above of calcic, phosphor criterion 1 times, every 100 grams contain protein in dried skin 39. 3 gram, adipose 3 gram, candy 8. 6 gram, calcic 2 gram, phosphor 1. 5 gram, still contain iodic, rich iron to reach the content such as all sorts of vitamins, more glycogen character. These grow to be in for the children of development, need very much. Children often has some of dried skin, can complement many calcium, the skeleton of stimulative child, tooth and neurological development and grow, be beneficial to intellective development.

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